Epix Trader – Proof inside of Epic Scam

A lot of people asked to review Epix Trader.  My first impression was, Man! it doesn’t look so bad, in fact, it is quite professional. They aren’t flashing any Lamborghinis and there is nothing immediate scammy. The membership counts on top right corner silently built credibility like no other thing. However, there was one thing which caught my attention. No doubt the background is awesome, but I have seen the mansion before. Definitely, I haven’t been there, but I have seen it somewhere probably in some other video.


Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo tell their story, how they get started in trading and finance. And how they vied to get recognition as specialist leaders in their fields. Eventually, they met again at class reunion inspired by “The Alchemy of Finance” where they both have to give a presentation and finally get married in less than a year. Adorable.

Next, they start talking about George Soros. Now there is nothing wrong with what they say about George Soros. George Soros is a great investor with net worth of $25.2 billion. He is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” because of his short sale of the Pound sterling in which he makes a profit of $1 billion.

What is not true is Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo have anything to do with George Soros or even with trading and finance. They are simply paid actors who speak eloquently.Mark Evan is real name is Andy Haftkowycz. He is an actor, who appeared on various occasions. I have also seen him in a video review of another product but can’t remember the name of the binary offer.


Watch the video carefully.

Mark Evan wife Tina D’Angelo is also yet another paid actor, her real name is Francesca Tricamo-Palmer


Watch the video carefully, notice the dimple and nose of the actress.

Her face looks fuller in her profile picture but she is the same actor as in EpixTrader. So now there is no doubt that actors in the video have nothing to do with trading and finance. She is the same lady in EpixTrader watch the youtube video from Francesca channel she is definitely the same lady but looking a bit thinner in Epix Trader.

Like I’ve told you before, the room in the background is also used in another binary options scam, check the background in Bank Tracker Bot. It has same chairs, iMac, doors, and everything else. What they are doing is scamming people by telling they have a lovely mansion and work from home in order to avoid traffic. Actually, they are indirectly suggesting that their software will let this happen to you.


Here’s a screenshot of Bank Tracker Bot, compare the rooms in both pictures.


What about the Win Rate? Is it good?

The paid actors who didn’t even own the mansion they are claiming; made all this with an accuracy of just 78%. Epix Trader place a large number of trades daily, So an accuracy of just 78% can make huge sums of money. However, there is no proof of it, there is no proof that Epix trader place a large number of trades with an accuracy of 78%. They haven’t shown the software placing trades neither any other prove which guarantee that they have discovered something that is really profitable.

Is it Free?

You have to open an account with their suggested broker and deposit at least brokers minimum that is $250. Once you open an account with their broker and make a deposit your account will be linked to the EpixTrader App. Now what the app will do will be anything expect what you told you about in the video.

Recommended Broker

The trusted broker they are promoting in the backend is yet another telltale sign of their massive scam. I was recommended to make at least a minimum deposit of $250 to uTrader. Now, uTrader has tons of negative reviews online and is also not regularized by any financial authority. This makes the whole scheme crystal clear.


Summary and Conclusions

My advice is to stay away from Epix trader they have no proof, no credibility what so every. Using the same location as in another binary options scam only made it evident that there is a web of lies and deceit that these scammers use.

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