Equinox Trading – The Most Impressive Scam

First of all, I must admit the Equinox Trading presentation is impressive except for the time left counter which is only there to create a sense of urgency and nothing happens when the counter runs out of time.

anthony johnson

After 2008 global financial crisis Anthony Johnson quit working for one of the top investment bank. He started trading privately with five of his best traders for few wealthy clients. Anthony Johnson, the main character in the presentation is also CEO of Equinox Holdings.

We were unable to find any details of Anthony Johnson on Bloomberg and none of Equinox Holding key executives name is Anthony.


The screenshot above list details of Equinox Holding from Bloomberg, certainly their CEO isn’t Anthony Johnson. Secondly, Equinox Holdings owns and operates fitness centers in UK, USA, and Canada.  So the important question is why Johnson isn’t upfront and making up something he doesn’t operate.

$10k A Month Earning Guarantee

Anthony Claim that Equinox Software has made $14 Million since its inception with a 96% winning trade percentage.  Seriously these are very bold claims, in fact, equinox trading is also guaranteeing $10,000 in profits every month. However, these claims and guarantees are not backed by anything. So next I will dissect each aspect of it in order to figure out is a real deal or another con artist.

One of their beta tester Fiona made $560.56 in net profits and her account soared to $760.56 in just eight hours. The way it’s presented in the video is really very impressive.


But look closely this is not a recording from a broker, in fact, it is their web software. So no real broker stats or bank statement recording makes me really dubious. I have already seen lots of scam with paid actors so I’m not taking this anymore at least with such insufficient proof.

Testimonials – Are They Real?

Testimonials are telltale signs of scam products. Testimonials are what differentiate Scam with real deals. Just check the first person in the testimonial he is the same actor as in SnapCashBinary.



Yes, both are the same person, do you think that Equinox beta tester is somehow also the inventor of Snapcash Binary. No, he is an actor and that’s for sure.

These testimonials are as fake as three dollar bills, recorded by paid actors and unlike the claims, nobody has ever made any money with Equinox.

Let me show you another testimonial in Equinox Trading with actor appearing in other binary options products.


Backend Binary Options Broker

Equinox asks you to create a new account and fund at least broker minimum i.e. $250. When I filled the registration form it asked to open an account with PlusOption.com

Now, PlusOption has lots bad reviews itself and is not regulated by any competent authority. So this is yet another telltale sign of a scammer forward integration.


Final Thoughts…

Needless to say, stay away from Equinox Trading, there isn’t enough proof, the testimonials are fake, it doesn’t share how the underlying strategy works and has all the other characteristics of scam products. Equinox trading software is only good for burning your hard earned cash. There is no doubt about it. I have seen similar pattern again and again in all binary scams.

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