Exotic Binary Scam Exposed – Binary Interceptor Review

From the very first look, Binary Interceptor looks really appealing. The video looks honest and professional. But read the complete Binary Interceptor review to find out does it actually work.

Official Webpage: http://www.binaryinterceptor.org



First of all, the hook is guaranteeing around $58,000 every week. This is an outlandish hook, sensible people know that there is no guarantee when it comes to trading. In fact, their risk disclose speaks completely the opposite of their hook.

Secondly, the logos below signup are of reputable companies. In actual they are used to verify the website and redirect to their website where they will show the certificate of authenticity. In the case of Binary Interceptor, they are just static images copied from the internet to build credibility.


Proof of Scam

The video starts like a typical binary options scam, showing rented Maserati. The guy claiming to be a multi-millionaire binary options trader is just a paid actor.


The swindlers behind the scam are desperate to squeeze your email address. If you try to close the video a new page will appear promising you $1000 just for entering your name and email. The proof I am going to present now will lay bare the entire scheme and their web of lies.


The guy claiming to have made a killing from binary interceptor is simply a paid actor as well. He was the Main presenter with different alias in Virtual Income App.


Those of you who don’t know about Virtual Income it was a binary options scam, that was perpetuated for quite some time. It is blacklisted now.

In addition, there are tons of lies on their website, the app isn’t free, you need to fund a scammy broker of their choice. So in order to activate the app you need to part with you $250. The worst part is the app is good for nothing. I know this because I am also following different forums where real people share their real life experience with binary options app.

BinaryInterceptor Conclusion

Finally, Binary Interceptor is a proven binary scam. Don’t trust any of the claims or their sleek actor who speaks like he got marbles in his mouth. Moreover, unlike the claims, the app is good for nothing, it a loss-making bot. The founder claiming to be a super rich binary options trader is just a paid actor. In addition, the testimonials are done by paid actors as well. Hence, be safe. And do not entrust your hard earned money to them. They are proven, trickster.

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