Fibo Machine Pro Review – Fibonacci Scam Busted

Fibo Machine Pro is a dangerous scam. The sales page is misleading with a subtle aspect which is deceitful. Read this review till the very end and I’ll lay bare this misleading sales letter and worthless strategy.

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Fibo machine Pro is a strategy based on Fibonacci Ratios. It uses Fibonacci retracement and extension levels to figure out price turning point. The Fibonacci ratio is a natural phenomenon. The nature work in tandem with this golden ration.


FiboMachinePro trading strategy comes with a custom indicator. The custom indicator works over different assets and timeframe. Once you deploy the custom indicator on the chart it will show the trade entry points with different take profit and stoploss levels. These levels are based on Fibonacci ratios. The level furthest from the entry is most aggressive take profit or stop loss level.

This is a manual trading strategy. Meaning unlike EAs or Auto Trading robot you need to manually execute a trade.

Does Fibo Machine Pro Actually Work

Karl Dittmann is the man behind the strategy. If you have been following our blog you might already know that we had unveiled many other scams by him. So, he has a bad reputation as a trader. I seriously doubt he is a professional trader. Throughout his product, there is not even a single product which has 3rd party verified trading statement.


I have seen honest professional traders uploaded their trading statement over MyFxBook. But in the case of Fibo Machine Pro, there is no statement which can prove that the strategy is profitable over a longer period of time.

The proof that you can see on the sales letter are just a few charts screenshots. Sure the system might have few lucky or profitable trades, but when it comes to real trading the trader picks every signal. The aggregated profitability matters the most.

Moreover, the testimonials presented on the website are very easy to fabricate. Just few minute of Photoshop could fake such feedback. So, I am not buying this at all.


Final Thoughts

Finally, the proof that the system actually works isn’t sufficient. Moreover, there aren’t any convincing feedback on other forums. If you still plan to test the system it will take you months, to establish with reasonable backtesting that it actually works. Hence, my advice is straight forward, kick it out. And go with a strategy that is well established, proven to work, with verified proof.

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