Financial Echo Scam – Fake News Site?

Financial Echo Scam is a fake news site promoting binary options broker in the backend. They are scamming innocent people and at the same time violating FTC regulation. From the first impression, their landing page looks like a blog or news website. It is all deliberate, and the objective behind is to build credibility. That is why they have given their landing page such layout.

Now you might be wondering why they want to make it look real. The reason is that their claim is outrageous and false.  Secondly, all the elements that give an impression of news website don’t work. Just take the top navigation bar for instance, if you’ll click the tech link it will redirect to binary broker signup page.



This is a very clever scam. Trust me, I haven’t seen a scam like this. Now what they are doing in pitch video is they have placed a news clipping which is fake. And just after the news clipping placed a video of their actor which you have already guessed is also fake and done over Fiverr.

The news clipping part is done over Fiverr. Meaning there is no truth in the video. The scammer behind the Financial Echo scam hired an actor from Fiverr who has created news clipping. Now the actor from Fiverr will say anything starting from just five dollars.

I am going to provide you undeniable proof. Check the image below, this is a screenshot from Fiverr of the actor in Financial Echo news clipping.


How the Scam Works

The advertorial as it is called in marketing lingo is promoting a 3rd party binary app. The bot is a cloned software, and there are already lots of negative reviews about its results. Anyways, in order to access the app, you need to open and fund an account with a broker. The brokers itself isn’t trustworthy.

Apart from this, the comments at the end of the fake news article which are acting as testimonials, are also fake. You can even google image search each of the comment vouching for Financial Echo.



Finally, Financial Echo is a fake news site, there is no doubt about. The Pitch video used fake news presenter to make it look credible. However, the pitch video contains nothing but lies in order to compel you to open an account with their scam broker. Hence, my advice is to simply kick this fake news site and check out real binary system reviews on our website.

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