Fintech Scam – Undeniable Proof Inside

I will just put it bluntly, don’t trust Fintech. They are scam and nothing else. Whatever you will hear in their pitch video are nothing but lies.


Fintech Claims

Daniel Roberts who is claiming to be owner of Fintech LTD is nothing but paid actor. I can say this for sure. I have done hours of research online finding more information about Daniel Roberts or his company Fintech. Unfortunately, there is nothing online Daniel Roberts and Fintech, he is using a made up name which isn’t real. Scammer always comes up with a really interesting story how they discovered the secret, there is no truth in it either. It is just to make you believe in their lies.

Just like all other “Get Rich Quick Scheme” Fintech is using stock footage and promising $875 an hour profits from the app. The claims are outrageous and footage enticing, this is deadly combination to lure you into their scam.


What About People Making Money with Fintech

It’s not hard for the scammer to produce people who has success with their system. All they have to do is fabricate the proof as well. Look this is how it works. Either they hire an actor usually from fiverr to record testimonial. Or steal images from the internet and write fake review.


Just check this testimonial for example. He is just an actor form fiverr.


All the other people featured on Fintech website are actors hired from Fiverr. Just imagine for five dollars they will say anything and the scammers are using their services to exploit masses.


What about Fintech App

The Fintech app is a cheap clone, which means it is a 3rd party app and they are rescamming (like rebranding). The app is anything but what they told you in the pitch video. There are lots of real user feedback and review on different forums. One thing was common in all those reviews that I’ve researched is, that it ripped them off. The app will only accumulate losses as fast as lightening.


Fintech is blacklisted. Their website and videos are complete hoaxes. What they are claiming to be free is anything but free. You have to make a deposit with their scammy broker in order to access their crappy Fintech app. Now their app isn’t worth it. There is no proof that it has made any money for anyone. The testimonials are fake. I have already proven this fact above.

My advice is to stay away from Fintech unless and until you yourself want to get ripped off.

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