Forex X Code Review – Forex Loophole Scam

Forex X Code hook promises nothing less than the holy grail of trading system. Somehow the scammer behind the system discovered a loophole with nearly zero losing trades. Million dollar question is it really true? Read this entire review to learn the honest truth about ForexXCode and their secret loophole.

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Forex X Code is an indicator which works specifically with Meta Trader 4 platform. The system comes with a custom indicator which alerts buy and sell opportunity. It works on multiple forex currency pairs mainly shorter time frame including Minute 5 (M5) and Minute 15 (M15).

The sales letter doesn’t share the actual underlying strategy behind the signals, it only discloses that the system is based on a secret loophole. I have heard similar claims in past over and over again and it all turns out to be a scam.

Forex X Code is a manual trading system, meaning it will give you alerts when to enter and exit a trade. It will not trade automatically. Now, this makes it impossible to backtest on historical data.

Proof of Scam

First of all, one can tell from miles away that Forex X Code is a scam from the claims they are making on their website. I have seen a lot of forex signal software that makes outrageous claims but what in actual they are doing is just repainting the indicator to make it appear profitable on past data.


This is also the case with ForexXCode. In the sales letter, you will only notice few lucky trades. In fact, these are not even lucky trades but the indicator repaints using moving averages.


Secondly, the sales page claims that the signal software makes around 150-300 pips in profit daily. However, there is no proof of it. There is no real trading statement which can establish it as a fact. The sales letter only shows few hypothetical trades nothing more apart from this.

In addition, there aren’t are any testimonial or social proof which show that anyone has made a reasonable amount of profits over a period of time.


Forex X Code costs around $80 and comes with a 60 days money back guarantee by Clickbank. But the real question is, is it worth trying. Absolutely not. It is a complete waste of time. Why should you test a system which isn’t proven to work whereas, there are already strategies available with complete 3rd party verified statement.

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