Fx Incognito Review – OHLC Technique Exposed

There are lots of rumors about OHLC technique and how Fx Incognito uses this strategy. Moreover, there is also a myth that major banks use this strategy to profitably trade forex. I think it’s time to reveal OHLC strategy and Fx Incognito. Read this review and I will tell you if FxIncognito is a real deal or yet another scam.

Official Website: http://www.fxincognito.com/



First of all, Fx Incognito is a strategy that makes use of OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) price to predict breakout and ranges. It doesn’t use any indicators like MACD, RSI, CCI or moving average to perform technical analysis for price forcasting. Rather the strategy simply uses OHLC of specific bars to predict support and resistance level.

Secondly, FxIncognito is manual trading strategy. The rules are mechanical and strategy comes with a custom indicator. The indicator works on Meta Trader 4 Platform and performs OHLC analysis on the chart you deploy it to.


The indicator itself is very easy to use and signals easy to trade. The blue region denotes an uptrend whereas the red region represents downtrend. You make buy or sell on the breakout of the of the first square box in the region. You can find details about trading strategy in the pdf which comes when you purchase the indicator.

Does it Really Work

To be honest, the sales page is very unprofessional. There is no trading statement which can establish the profitability of the strategy over any period of time. The sales letter is claiming that the system makes at least 100 pips every day consistently. An insult to the injury is, it doesn’t even show few of the lucky profitable trades that the system made.

In addition, the testimonials look fake. There is no picture of the reviewer bragging about the profits he made from the FX Incognito trading strategy. Moreover, I have also researched different forums with unfavorable feedback regarding the system.


Final Words About FX Incognito

The System cost $99 and comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. Just like all the Clickbank products the guarantee is backed by Clickbank.


But the point I am trying to make is the results are not established. The real honest and professional trading strategy comes with a 3rd party verified trading statement. However, in the case of Fx Incognito, there is not even an unverified statement. Hence, rather than testing the system on a demo account for months to come up to a conclusion, I would simply suggest you to avoid it. It’s way better to work with a strategy with verified proof of earning.

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