FX Jet Pack Review – Trade Signals That Sucks

Fx Jet Pack cartoonist approach looks pretty harmless but on the contrary, the fact of the matter is, it is a complete rip-off. Now on the main page, you can see that they’ll let you access a 30% discount coupon just by entering your email. Now, this reminds me of a Latin phrase “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” which translates more or less to “Beware of Greeks bearing Gifts.”

Official Website: http://www.fxjetpack.com/



FX Jet Pack is a forex trading signal service. Meaning it only gives trade recommendation, when to enter and exit a trade especially for the forex market.

To be honest, and with all fairness, the website has done an awful job convincing its viewers. For example, it simply doesn’t answer some of the very basic questions. Including how the signals are generated? Allow me to further clarify, either the signals are manual or given out by an actual trader. And if they are mechanical what is the underlying trading technique used. Or if it is by a real trader who is he and what is his credentials.

FX Jet Pack Performance

Now the performance of the signal is a mere joke. There is no trading statement just an equity curve. Now such equity curves are child play to generate. I can tell you this from my expert advisor programming experience. They are curve fitted using the best indicator to simulate past data. To put in a way that is close to your heart, these are false performance proof.


How Much Does It Cost?

FX Jet Pack is a subscription based signal service. Meaning in order to keep receiving trade signals you need to keep paying monthly subscription fee. The monthly subscription costs $97 but using a coupon will give you a discount of $67.10 so making the actual price for first month $67.90



Finally, FX Jet Pack is a lame service. With no information about the underlying trading strategy or the person providing the signals. It is totally unreliable. Secondly, the performance chart is evidently curve fitted. Hence, I would suggest you to please not waste your valuable time on something which is pretty sure to deliver nothing.

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