The FX Robot Method Review – Overpriced Ebook

From the very first impression, The Fx Robot Method website looks very unprofessional. The layout is odd, and looks completely different than any other product. But make sure you read this entire review to learn more about what The Fx Robot Method is offering and is it worth it.

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The Fx Robot Method is an eBook. The person behind this eBook and offer is Scott. The author is claiming that he is making around $1000 per day in profits only by trading forex.

But what exactly the books cover is, few of the advanced topic and insight into forex trading. For example tips on how to protect your capital while trading forex. Secondly, the e-book explains when and why you should consider automating your trading strategy. Furthermore, how the author launched a forex robot that is essential to his success and that without even a bit of programming knowledge.


How Much Does It Cost?

The eBook cost a one-time payment of $59. There is no recurring payment just a single one-time payment which is backed by Clickbank for 60 days satisfaction guarantee. The price is fairly expensive for an eBook like this.



The book has good points that it covers. However, all the information is available on the internet for free in organized and presented in a much better way. As far as the author trading strategy goes there is no proof that his strategy actually works. There is no social media profile of the author. Moreover, there is no trading statement which can prove that the person behind the book has actually made any money that he is claiming.

I have seen similar sites where the author hires a ghost writer to write an eBook. The material is just a waste of time. So whenever I review an eBook I look for the author credentials. However, in the case of the FX Robot Method, the author has zero credibility. Therefore, my advice is to simply pass this offer. There are other good trading services that you can buy at this price.

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