Genius Profit Initiative Review – Fake Professor Binary Scam

Genius Profit Initiative is claiming a staggering $5000+ in profits per day. I have heard similar claims in past as well and they all turn out to be nothing but scam. Hence, I will provide a factual review of Genius Profit Initiative and reveal any of their scam like practices.

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First of all, there are a lot of elements on the website that looks immediate scammy. Most important the hook is guaranteeing more than $5000 every single day. Those of you who are familiar with trading know for sure that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to trading. In addition, their risk disclaimer clearly states that they are not guaranteeing anything. So 5K per day is just a fake promise.

Secondly, the “membership spots left” and people “watching this website” script is simulated. Meaning it is artificial whereas the number of copies are unlimited.

Proof of Scam

The pitch video is filled with lies. I can say for sure that Professor Benjamin is a fictitious character. Anyways I will show you irrefutable proof of the lies on Genius Profit Initiative.

As you already know that in order to establish a trading system it should have worked successfully for others. In case, of GeniusProfitInitiative their user has made million. However, this is all lie. The user images are stock photos with false names.


Check it out for yourself. Alison Poole image is simply a stock photo revolving over the web.


The same goes with the other so-called users, they are as fake as a three-dollar bill.

How the scam work

Professor Benjamin who is claiming to be the founder said in the pitch video that the app works by replicating the trades that he made. So this means that the app is a signal copier. But there is no way to establish that Benjamin himself is profitable. Moreover, there is no picture of him even to tell if he is real or fake.

Unlike what they are claiming in the pitch video the app isn’t free as well. You need to trust their choice of binary broker with your money. Unless and until you fund an account with the broker they ask you to do so you won’t be able to access the app. Insult to the injury is the broker they are suggesting is also shady, meaning it is neither licensed nor regulated.


Finally, I would like to tell you again that Genius Profit Initiative is a confirmed scam. I have provided obvious and indisputable proof of their lie. Hence, only trust the app is you want to depart with your hard earned cash.

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