Gold Digger Scam – Complete Honest Review

On Gold Diggers’ main landing page nothing looks immediately scammy. The best part which I believe is, their expected profits are mentioned in percentages. Mostly on scam website they use dollar terms to appeal prospect psychologically. Above all, it also claims “No Broker Signups”. This thing is bound to be different. So read till the end of this review and I will provide you a factual review of the Gold Digger App.


Gold Digger App Overture

The features of the main landing page I have discussed above make the app look really promising. However, the pitch video doesn’t tell much about the underlying strategy. The trading strategy is the crux of app; it should be based on sound fundamentals in order to beat the market. The bad news in case of Gold Digger app is that their pitch video doesn’t reveal how the system trades commodities and gold in particular.

The pitch video only shared that the Gold Digger app takes long trades on gold. But if you will analyze the price action of gold for the past year or so you will notice that it is in a downturn. And has lost around 40%-50% of its peak value. As for the mining industries, the price of gold has a direct impact on their stock price as well. They have a direct correlation with gold meaning the higher the price of the gold the more profitable the company and greater its stock price.

Gold Digger App Earning Proof


Their main landing page doesn’t feature any testimonial, however in most of the scam website the testimonials are fake. But in this case there aren’t any testimonial. So I am not sure what to make of it. Why they haven’t featured a single testimonial is because their app hasn’t profited anyone.

There is a statement on their website, but I have seen lots of fake statement. So I won’t trust it either. There should be a 3rd party verified statement to order to build real trust.

Gold Digger Deceits

Now let get to the gloomier side of the gold digger. If they opted for no testimonial rather than fake testimonials it doesn’t automatically make them honest. I will unveil their lies one at a time. On the main page, they claimed that it doesn’t require broker signup. But it is farthest from the truth. In fact just after you will click the “Join us Now” button they will ask you to sign up their choice of broker.


Apart from this, the broker which they are pitching isn’t trustable. It isn’t regulated so your deposit isn’t secure with them.

So What’s the Conclusion

I will strongly advise you to kick Gold Digger app. They have negative review all over the internet. There are lies about the broker and strategy. There aren’t any testimonials which prove it has worked for somebody. Neither statement which could be verified. Nor features the real creator of the app in the pitch video. So don’t buy a single word.


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