Guranteed Money Scam Busted. Angela Stevens who claim to be guaranteeing money to anyone who signup, is just a paid actor. Guaranteed Money System is a sleazy scam which entices their prey to siphon off money from them. In fact, the scammy bot is just a clone of another scam named Free Money Guaranteed.  Which in turn is clone of yet another scam called Free Money System by Walter Green. Now, this is a chain of scams with a different pitch but same crappy software in the backend which is now cloned for the recent hoax.


I have found complaints after complaints not just regarding Guaranteed Money System but also regarding other clones of the same software. These scam warnings are by real people who have lost their hard earned money with this immoral scam. Read till the end of this review and I will tell you exactly why Guaranteed Money System is blacklisted.

Undeniable Proof

What I am going to show now is undeniable proof that this offer is nothing but just a web of lies. Few minutes into the pitch video you will notice the so-called creator of the software Angela Stevens with her Attorney. The attorney was the main character in another binary options scam called Millionaire Club. So is he an attorney of Angela Stevens or creator of Millionaire Club binary bot?

Truth be told, he is none of both. He is just a paid actor who is reading from his script that has nothing but lies after lies.



The earning claims are simply outrageous and unattainable, especially with this crappy cloned App. 5 thousand bucks in next 24 hours and around 1 million in a month. This is a classic example of ‘Get Rich Quick Scam’. There is no proof that anyone has ever made a single penny from their system. There is not a single person online to vouch for them over genuine forums. The statements and profits are also fabricated.

False Claims by desperate scammer

More and more people are understanding the modus operandi of binary option scammers. These con artists are coming up with exaggerated claims. Few of the false claims you will notice on this website are:

  • Guarantee to make you at least $1.3 million in just 30 days.
  • The trading bot has extremely high winning trades ratio.
  • The attorney with legal document promising you give the owners money if the app doesn’t make the guarantee amount.
  • Beta testers claiming to have made millions from this trading software.


The claims sound too good to be true. These are just a web of lies and deceits. All the promise are false and I haven’t come across a single review saying that the owner of the system has given him the promised $500,000



My advice is to stay away from Guaranteed Money System. The software is simply a clone of another scam system which is proven not to work. The lawyer and creator of the system are just an actor. An insult to the injury is they are using sleazy ways to lure honest and hardworking people. In addition, the claims are exaggerated there is not a bit of truth in it. Earning claims are unrealistic and outrageous.

Do not signup or deposit money with their recommended broker. It is just a scam; the free software isn’t worth it. The scheme is just to make fund an account with their shady broker which isn’t regulated and licensed to operate. There is no proof of earning, the testimonials are fake. Probably done over Fiverr.

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