Switzerland is famous for its financial institution. Swiss bank is where the elite throughout the world maintain their offshore accounts. HBSwiss want to cash in on Swiss banking and their reputation by ripping off people. HBSwiss AKA HB Swiss binary trading robot is a scam bot developed by Hans Berger and Bastian Hermann. I have noticed recently affiliates are blasting this offer and spamming hundreds of thousands of emails if not million. Moreover, there are websites as well which appear to be legitimate review site but are promoting this scam. I will provide you with all the factual information about HB Swiss and expose this scam right in front of you.

HBSwiss Scam Main Screen

In the pitch video, you will hear the same old story scammer use. He is into stocks and trading. And his friend is into quantum computers and discovered a super-fast way to place trades faster than any bank. They combination was lethal. And as a result, he has discovered something which no one else has. It will make you super rich in a matter of days. What they are doing is misleading. They are mixing established facts with something that is not true at all.

Enough of it. Let me give factual information why this is a hoax. And more important why you shouldn’t believe any word of it.

Testimonial as Fake as Three Dollar Bill

The only reason they cannot produce genuine testimonial is because their software simply doesn’t work. No one has ever profited from it, that is why nobody is there to give them a real testimonial. All they come up with is fabricated testimonial.

hbswiss scam testimonials

The way scammer fabricates testimonial is by using any picture of the internet and using them in written testimonial. Or pay for video testimonial usually on Fiverr. However, in case of HB Swiss they went completely insane.

hbswiss scam kate green

Benny White real name is Kate Green. How do I know? Well, you guess. She is a member of the UK Parliament. There was another binary scam named FinTech. (www.FinTech-LTD.com) It used very similar image with same faces in testimonials.

hbswiss scam fintech review

This clearly proves that nobody has profited from this scammy app. They are just fabricating testimonials to build credibility.

Is it 100% Free?

No. It’s just another lie. This is an old tactic to suck you in also called low balling. The scammer will suck you in by saying that what he is about to offer is absolutely free. They will tell you don’t have to pay a dime. You will only find later that it is not true. Infact you have to make a deposit of $250 with the broker they recommend. Look this is how it work. The crappy software which doesn’t work is offered for free. However, in order to use that crappy software which has 0 results you need to fund a trading account with the broker they ask. That is how they make their money.

Most of the time the broker in the backend is shady as well. There is no guarantee either you will be able to withdraw your money or not. So it usually a two-part scam.

Scammy Software Followed by Shady Broker

No doubt their broker is shady as well. Like I’ve said before this works in two part. First, the free software to capture your name and email. Secondly, an untrustworthy broker which isn’t licensed or regulated. I was asked to make at least minimum deposit with their recommended broker uTrader. Now uTrader is based in Romania. Just like with all the scam it isn’t licensed or regulated by any competent regulating body.

Final Verdict

I think I had already proven above that HB Swiss is an outright scam. They are leveraging Swiss banks credibility to lure honest and hardworking people. The pitch is done by an actor thou I haven’t seen him in any other video but I will keep a close eye. The testimonials are fake as well, using images of distinguished UK member of parliament. And finally a fraudulent broker.

My advice is to stay away from HB Swiss. There is no proof that it works or has made any money for its members. The strategy i.e. collaboration between financial expert and quantum computing geek is abhorrent.

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