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The Hedge Formula Scam is pretty evident from its very first impression. First of all, the streaming animation just below the video is fake. No matter whenever you will watch the video it will show the streaming text blinking to give you the impression that the video is live. Now there is nothing outright wrong with it. But only you have to wait.

HFG Website:


Moreover, they are desperate to squeeze your email address. If you will move your cursor away from the website an annoying popup will appear. This is pretty common with scam website and shows how badly they want your contact details.



George Dalio who is claiming to be the co-founder of the hedge formula is just a paid actor. Moreover, the spokesperson in the video also claims that his Hedge Fund group manages $154 Million in investment. So I did a research on Hedge Fund Group, what I found is, that it is an actual company with the said capital. But that is just half story. The real director of the HFG is Richard Wilson.


And if you will contact them they will clearly disown “The Hedge Formula”. Actually, that is how the scammers operate they will use the name of some honest company and link their lies with it to make their scam look more credible.

Hyped Up Earning

The actor claim that the strategy has 98% accuracy, however, there isn’t any verifiable proof of this claim. The previous proof they have provided turned out to be a lie, so they have no credibility. I haven’t seen any system with this kind of accuracy.

In addition, George Dalio the scammer spokesperson is claiming that with his free software you can earn life changing amount, in excess of $900 per hour. Sounds too good to be true. Moreover, he said he is himself making $29 Million a year. This is yet another lie.


Don’t trust a single word of The Hedge Formula scam. I have already exposed how they are using honest firm name to leverage their scam. The software isn’t free as well, you need to kiss goodbye your hard earned money to their broker, in order to access the app. The strategy isn’t sound as well, and without any strong fundamental. Simply don’t deposit any money with their broker, they are confirmed liars and con-artist.

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