Hidden Scalping Code Review – Another Scam by Karl

Hidden Scalping Code is yet another scam by Karl Dittmann. He is a confirmed con-artist, who has nothing to do with professional forex trading. I will expose this scam right in front of you. And why you shouldn’t get sucked into it, simply by getting convinced by few lucky trades. If you want the real factual information about it, make sure you read this entire review.

Official Website: http://www.hiddenscalpingcode.net/



The Hidden Scalping Code is a short term scalping trading strategy. It comes with a custom indicator that could only be deployed over MT4 (Meta Trader 4) platform charts. As this is a scalping strategy it works only on 1 Minute (M1) and 5 Minute (M5) timeframe.


This is completely mechanical trading strategy. Meaning there is no need to make any guesses. And trading rules are pretty evident from the color of the trend line. Meaning if the trend line of the custom indicator is blue it means the strategy is recommending a buy. Whereas, yellow denotes sell signal or a downtrend.

Proof of Scam

First of all, Karl Dittmann has a really bad reputation. He is not only behind one scam product but multiple forex products with lots of claims and zero performance. Moreover, if you will google him online you will also discover that he has no social media profile, and all you will hear about him are horror stories about how he ripped off honest people.


Secondly, if you look the sales page closely you will notice that there is not even a single statement which could prove how the system performed in long run. It is very easy to get a couple of profitable trades with any trading strategy. But the thing that really matters is how the system performed over month and year of price action. Now, I am talking about verified statement. It would be nice if the so-called forex guru would have published his 3rd party verified statement.

In addition, there are no testimonials which can build any credibility around the offer. The truth of the matter is, if you will search trading forums, you will find negative reviews about Hidden Scalping Code.


Lastly, Hidden Scalping Code have lots of promises on the sales page. But the real feedback by actual users is quite the contrary. The price of HiddenScalpingCode is $87 which comes with 60 Days money back guarantee. But the real thing is, the strategy isn’t proven. And there is no credibility of Karl Dittmann, the man behind this strategy. Hence, my advice is even if you get your money back you will anyhow waste your time by testing it.

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