Hydra App Review – Fake App Exposed

The first thing that catches attention is the hook claiming $5,025 every 24 Hours. But I have heard similar hook time and time again, So I’m not buying it anymore. However, I will provide you a complete review about Hydra App and how it works.


First of all, nothing looks immediately scammy, there are no fake timers and no annoying popups. However just as the video started playing everything felled apart. And it started with typical binary scam stock footages.

HydraApp Claims

Abraham Epstein who is the creator of Hydra App and the main character in the sales video is also claiming that the very same app made him 84 Million Dollars in just two years. This is an unsubstantiated claim and $84 Million is a whopping amount. If what he is saying is true then he must have proof of it. For example, his company financial records or tax statement. Anything which will validate his hyped statement. The only reason he hasn’t presented any proof is because, he is just a paid actor and the video is all lies.

Fake Testimonials

The only proof of earning are the testimonial and the only reason they are showing it, is because, testimonials are easy to fabricate. Now I am not saying this without a proof.

testimonial-1-hydra-app-scam testimonial-2-hydra-app-scam

The images used in the testimonial above are stolen from LockSmithHype.com. A quick google image search will reveal the exact website from where these images are stolen from.


Final Words About Hydra App

The forums are literally crammed with the negative review regarding Hydra App. Everything in the sales video is nothing but a blunt lie.

First of all, there is no proof that the app has actually made the money Abraham claiming in the video. Secondly, the testimonials are fake. It has been exposed. In addition, they lied that the app is free. Actually, you have to open an account with their binary broker in order to get your hands on the crappy app.

Finally, Hydra App is blacklisted, it is a clear scam. Avoid it and don’t trust your hard earned money with them.

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