Ice 9 technology: Another Binary Option Trading Hoax?

In this Ice 9 technology review we cover one of the most talked-about binary trading services in recent times. It’s definitely not famous because it lets you earn $4900 per week with ease (that’s what it claims to do though).

On the other hand, the very legitimacy of the trading system has come under scrutiny. People have lost their money and our Ice 9 technology review is essential to dig out the truth.

Ice 9 Technology Earn

BS binary options software earnings.

So, what is Ice 9 all about? Just another trading con or a thoroughly misinterpreted piece of trading wizardry, the full potential of which is yet to be unlocked? We will try to find answers but not before delving into the fundamentals of this platform.

Ice 9 technology: What exactly does it promise?

Aaron Palmer, the founder of ice 9 technology software, introduces himself as someone who hails from the Silicon Valley. He claims he wrote his first program at the tender age of 8. From then onwards, he believed technology was his calling.

The ice 9 technology app is a product of his unflagging commitment towards his goal. Thus, you have this supposedly revolutionary binary options trading system, which promises to access all financial data at lightning speed.

He claims his software makes it possible for you to earn $4900 without effort.

Ice 9 Technology Real Time Financials

Binary scam software claims to use real time financial data no one else has.

Does Ice 9 technology actually work the way it promises to?

To begin with, it must be admitted that these guys have left little room for suspicion. They’re supposedly endorsed by none other than Forbes magazine.

Ice 9 Technology Forbes

Forbes did not endorse this binary option signal service.

This had us off guard. The disparity between traders’ complaints and Forbes’s endorsement was evident. We searched We couldn’t dig out such a statement (as is shown on the picture above) there. Ice9technology is a scam. We were now one step closer to establishing it. Here are other findings to substantiate our ice 9 technology software review.

As with all the binary options trading scams, let’s put the spotlight on the founder of the trading system itself – Aaron Palmer. He claims to have founded a system which supposedly accesses all financial information in real time – much faster than even how Google works. The search engine giant supposedly makes 45-minute delay to flash a piece of financial news after it breaks into the market, while ice9 functions in real time.    

Ice 9 Technology Aaron Palmer

There’s no record of Aaron palmer ever existing.

Surprisingly enough neither he nor his other two partners (Steve Katz, the Marketing Director and John Farraday, CEO) even cared to offer an explanation regarding the workings of the trading system. The comparison with Google definitely demanded a more studied elucidation from their end. Unfortunately, there’s none.

The credentials of John Farraday (CEO of aren’t really verifiable either. Now, he claims to have worked at Citi Group bank. However, there is no substantive record connecting him to this established investment firm. Only a few reviews claim that he used to work there. Not to forget, these reviews appear recycled as well.

Ice 9 Technology John Faraday

This guy isn’t real either.

What? Another paid actor? It got us thinking!

Is ice 9 technology a scam?

Now, we wouldn’t say that spotting those red flags is a breeze. The website really has a refined set-up. The platform is sleek and user-friendly as well. Plus they have cared to flash credentials of the people supposedly behind this trading system.

There’s still no doubt this is a scam.

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