Infinity Scalper Review – Scam Busted

There are lots of Forex reviews website which has published a biased review of Infinity Scalper. There are two reasons for such dishonest review. First of all, there is no proof of the performance that the indicator actually works. Secondly, the reviewers are also promoting the indicator. Meaning if after reading the review you make a purchase the reviewer gets paid affiliate commission. Read this entire review, while I expose Infinity Scalper.



InfinityScalper is a Forex Indicator. It works on Meta Trader 4 platform. The signal software only gives you entry and exit recommendation, with an idea of what your stop loss should be. The sales page also mention that it works on all the currency pairs. And 1 Minute (M1) and 5 Minute (M5) time frame, so it is a short term trading strategy. The indicator costs one-time licensing fee of $87.


Proof of Scam

The Infinity Scalper is developed by Karl Dittmann, now this is a fictitious name. I have searched him online including the most popular social media and there is no profile of him. Moreover, there is no picture of the claimed founder on the landing page. Which clearly proves that Karl Dittmann is a fake name.

Secondly, notice how the scammer behind the InfinityScalper is creating fake scarcity by mentioning that only 3 copies are left. This is nothing but a big fat lie. The website has unlimited copies whereas it only shows that only three copies are remaining. This is an old scammer technique to create urgency and push you through the order page without giving you adequate time to ponder over it.

The website only has few profitable trades screenshots, when there is a clear trend. However, there are no aggregated results of the indicator. So you never know how the indicator works in a sideway market. It is very easy to lose all the profits you have made if your indicator isn’t adjusted to profit from market without a clear upward or downward trend.


As far the proof of performance goes the website has only published emails testimonials.


Remember these kind of testimonials are very easy to fabricate. It just requires some Photoshop skill to fake it. Some of the real websites have published 3rd party verified statement. Which can’t be forged. In addition, if the indicators are as accurate and profitable as the website claiming it to be, then why Karl hasn’t published his statement.


There are lots of thing about Infinity Scalper that are vague. To be honest I simply don’t trust the Infinity Scalper. There isn’t any verifiable proof which can back up the claims made on the InfinityScalper website. I have heard similar promises again and again, but only one thing is common that they fail to deliver. Hence, my advice is to simply avoid Infinity Scalper. Although it comes with a 60 days’ money back guarantee, it is not worth the time.

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