The Inside Trader – Has it really Made $123 Million

From the very first look, The Inside Trader doesn’t look good. There are lots of aspects which look immediately scammy. Read the complete review to discover is there any truth in the statement The Inside Trader is making.

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Like I’ve said there are a couple of factors that come into notice which looks scam like. The video starts with a promise to make you $180,000 this month. This is a huge sum. However, the irony is they are even inconsistent with the claims of money the app can make.

Secondly, the logos below the signup form are a dummy. Meaning nothing happens if you click them. Whereas in actual it should redirect you to the certificate on the verifiers’ website. But its real purpose is to build trust in their scam binary trading app.


The most outlandish element is the total members’ profits. There is no proof of it. Later you will discover in this review that the testimonials are also fake. The Total Members profits is a fake hard coded counter.

Proof of Scam

This is the most despicable part of the scam. The testimonials from Editor, podcaster, and author are all fake. Nobody has given them positive feedback. The scammer behind The Inside Trader has just fabricated it. I have searched the internet and there is no such review. In fact, people have shared their horror stories how the app blew off their deposit. Moreover, the images are pinched from the internet and not actual images of the person they are claiming to be.


In addition to the fake media testimonials, the social media testimonials are also morphed imaged of popular social media networks. I have searched for the tweets, accounts and Facebook post and had found nothing. This clearly proves that the feeds are bogus and is only to build fake credibility around the system.


The Inside Trader app isn’t available on any of app stores displayed. You won’t find the app on Apple store or Android store. They are lying about the app as well. In actual, their app is a third party clone software.


Final Words About the Scam

Finally, there is no doubt that The Inside Trader is a scam. Moreover, the web application isn’t free, you need to fund an account with the broker in order to activate it. Apart from this, the app doesn’t make profits, you have already judged this from their fake testimonials. I can’t caution you enough to stay away from TheInsideTrader scam, and not to waste your hard-earned money and precious time on it.

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