Leaked Profits Scam – Worthless App Exposed

Leaked Profits Scam is confirmed and blacklisted. I will provide proof of their deceptive practices later in this review. But first I would like to share how Leaked profit scammed one of its member. I was informed that Leaked profit overcharged one of it’s member credit card by 3,500 Euros. Their landing page is very deceptive, read the review and I will go through them one by one.


Website: http://www.leaked profits.co/


Leaked Profits Scam Practice

First of all, leak profits are using typical scam practices like useless logos below their signup form. These logos do nothing when clicked. They are strategically placed below the signup form to build subliminal trust. Another scammy practice you can notice is just below the video “As Seen on The Wall Street Journal”. Now they are using parasite leverage. The app or founder wasn’t featured or seen on The Wall Street Journal.


The main character in the pitch video Frank Bishop is just a paid actor. I have searched him online over Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and haven’t found him on any social media. In addition, there is no clue online of his book “Happy, Lucky & Rich” that he is claiming to be the author of. So it is just another lie.

Apart from fake founder, the testimonials are also fake. Using fake testimonials probably by hiring people over Fiverr clearly proves that the software is a piece of crap. Now the Leaked profits review are done over Fiverr. What I am about to show you next will completely unveil this scam.



Yes, she is the same girl in the testimonial offering her video service over Fiverr. So for just five dollars she will say anything.



Again the testimonial is fake. The guy in the testimonial is also offering his fake testimonial service on Fiverr.


The pitch video is full of lies acted by paid actor. The testimonials are unreal and recorded by actors over Fiverr. You have already seen proof of it. Moreover, there are lots of complaints regarding overcharging and fraud by Leaked Profit. In addition, the claims regarding free software are all false. The software isn’t free and the broker in the backend is fraud as well. Hence my advice is to not even signup with Leaked Profits. They will start sending spam emails. And who know you might end up overbilled by them. So don’t trust these guys.


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