Your Legacy Club Scam – Legendary Binary Fraud

Your Legacy Club Scam is a skillful deceit. I must admit the video is done professionally and in the exotic mansion to lure in unsuspecting viewers. However, there are few elements on the landing page and pitch video which will alert a trained eye. Read the complete review as I expose them right in front of you.

You Legacy Club – Official Website:



One of the telltale sign of a binary trading scam is they guarantee specific income amount.  As most of you are already familiar that nothing is guaranteed as far as the trading goes. In addition, their risk statement is quite the contrary to their hook. Meaning there is no guarantee of any kind. Therefore, if you lose your money they will just forward you risk disclosure, which you automatically agree prior using their app.

This brings us to the second question, how can you lose money with it. Well, it’s a nice cover-up. The websites’ main landing page claims that you don’t need a credit card or PayPal to purchase anything. Well once you signup they will ask you deposit money with their shady binary broker in order to access their software.

Proof of Your Legacy Club Scam

First of all, Bill O’Doherty is a fictitious name, the guy claiming to be multi-millionaire and founder of your legacy club is nothing but a paid actor. I have googled him and found nothing about him, except negative feedback about his scam bot.


Secondly, this is a fake photo shoot. He isn’t mentioned on any of the news networks. They are simply using these logos to build fake credibility. Here, check the proof of it.


In addition, I have searched sky news, Bloomberg, CNN, BBC, and Forbes, but haven’t found the article the scammer behind the system are showing a screenshot of. This clearly proves that they are lying.

Fake Review and Testimonials

Now all the review and testimonials on this website are fake. They are pretty easy to tell. The images and names they are using are all fabricated. Most of the time the image of the reviewer is stolen off the internet or sometimes purchased from stock photography website.


George Dalton image is stolen from the website with link and screenshot below:



In conclusion, Your Legacy Club scam is a stellar binary option fraud. They have done it very professionally but as the saying goes lies have short legs. And I have tried my best to disclose their dishonest intentions.

Lastly, the pitch video only shows rented mansion and rides. The founder has no record of him on any social media, moreover, the news clipping they are showing are fake as well. An insult to the injury is the testimonials are all fake. Hence, I will suggest you to not trust Your Legacy Club scam website.

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