Is it Legit, Or Just A Big Hoax? Review Of Regal Wealth

Regal Wealth is a brand new trading group I’m reviewing. They offer their own take on binary options automatic trading software, and it looks like one of the most promising ones. But is it really a good investment option for new enthusiasts, or is it just a scam trying to take your money? The following review explains why the Regal Wealth trading option is a dangerous scam, and why you should keep your money away from it.

Regal Wealth 50 Members

They claim only 50 people will get access.

In case you don’t already know about them: binary options traders are a new form of software. They use a combination of GPS tracking and Artificial Intelligence to automatically make investments. It doesn’t require the user to do anything. This is a new and exciting option that has gained lots of popularity, because it allows the user to profit without moving a finger.

How To Recognize Regal Wealth As A Scam

Finding all the common bad signs only takes a quick look at their homepage. As you can see in the image at the beginning of the article, they have an automatic “money guarantee” that tracks your country using your IP. This, along with the supposedly “secret” availability, limited to 50 people, is a clear sign of a scam. The Regal Wealth website creators put those features there to lure people into their dubious business. By making you feel special, they try to dupe you into making a bad investment decision.

Regal Wealth Features

This binary trading system has lots of glossy features – none of which are real.

And to add to that, they also put “automatic” notifications of their other users’ profits. It’s easy to check their legitimacy: all you need to do is to turn off your internet connection while you’re on the page. The notifications will somehow keep appearing, even when you’re not connected at all. This shows that they’re just a trick to try and make you feel more confident about making the investment fast.

More Proof Of Regal Wealth’s Software SCAM

What we have shown you so far is only the surface of the scam. If you follow their homepage video closely, you’ll find much more.

Regal Wealth Video

The glossy binary options opportunity trading video.

The video shows a new user trying the Regal Wealth app for the very first time. After a few seconds, her account already displays over $450 in profits, and this number quickly turns into almost $4,500. No matter how perfect the A.I. is, or how good the Regal Wealth’s client-base is, it’s just too much money to be real.

Michael King, the alleged Regal Wealth trading group founder, claims you can make this money yourself. And that it’s all free of charge and limited to 50 people only. But according to our investigation, the domain was registered back in May, 2016. And it’s not registered under Michael King’s name, or any brand name for that matter, only fake placeholders such as “Whois Agent” and “Whois Privacy Protection”.

Regal Wealth Founder

The founder of this binary options scam.

Conclusion: Regal Wealth Is A SCAM, Beware Of It!

Binary options are a promising and exciting new way to profit. But scams such as Regal Wealth are made by con-men and pretenders, who only want to take your money. It’s important to always check if an investment option is safe before venturing into it. You can do this by keeping up with our Binary options trader reviews, to make sure your money is always safe!

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