Lexington Code Review – Fake Certificate

Lexington code doesn’t look good from the very first impression. The Claim on top of the video is unrealistic i.e. more than $4000 every day. But if there is undeniable proof that the app makes $126,000 which also be verified. Then there is no harm.

I will go beyond the obvious and provide information hidden from plain sight on Lexington Code website. Read the entire unbiased review to find out if Lexington app really works or is just another “Get Rich Quick Scheme” with no hope.

The video starts with stock footage, however it wasn’t as bad as other showing Lamborghinis, private jet and mansions. But you just have to wait for the crap to take over. I can tell from miles away Michael Lexington is a paid actor.

Michael Lexington with this partner Barry Storyk developed this bot. His Friend and co-creator of Lexington Code is an Aero Space engineer and computer technology guru. Who somehow developed a system which went completely insane. Now in order to con they have to make up a compelling story. The story makes the entire scam personal because people can relate to the story.


Lexington Code Fact Finding

I have tried to google the claims and even names of the creater and co-creater of Lexington code. But I wasn’t able to find anything. The only information I was able to find was how bad the software performed and vanish the deposit people made in few days. Now these were the review by real people who have burned their cash with this crappy software.

Fake Testimonials

Testimonials are another telltale sign of either the claims are genuine or hoax.  However, in case of Lexington Code all the testimonials are fake. Apart from using actors the written earning testimonials are fake as well.


The images used in the testimonials are stock images. This clearly proves without any shadow of doubt that person featured isn’t real and hasn’t earned anything from the software itself.


Fake Certificate

The certificate which proofs that Lexington Code is verified and certified by third party is nothing more than a joke. If you will look close you will find that it contains dummy text. In fact the seal also contains dummy text like “Lorem Ipsum”.


Fake Software

My advice is to stay away from Lexington code. Their pitch video is littered with lies. The person who claims to be creator is an actor. There isn’t any proof of the earning. The certificate of authenticity is a cheap gimmick. Testimonials are fake with stock images.

Do not trust Lexington Code, it is a scam.

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