No doubt most you might have received multiple emails from affiliates promoting Lucrosa binary options trading app.   One can tell it’s a scam from miles away. Actually, that is how scammers operate. They want to spout your desire by showing luxurious item like a private jet, yacht, exotic locations in order to tune in your emotional part of brain and logical shut-off logical part. Afterward, they will pitch you their binary options scam so you cannot make a rational decision. The entire scam depends on you taking an irrational decision.


Lucrosa Incorporated is guaranteeing that by using their app you can make $210,000 every month. That is $7,000 per day on average. From the beginning, these claims are outrageously fraudulent. Let’s dig a bit deeper to find out if I can provide you factual information and uncover this hoax.

The actor in the video claiming to be John Lucrosa promise to give you $600 just for watch the video pitch. It’s just a lie. He won’t pay you a dime and it is yet another tactic to suck you in. The funny thing about the video is John said you can make $7000 a day later he jumped the figure to $14000 a day.

How Lucrosa Work

What I have found after getting ripped off by so many scammers is that a real honest system will tell you exactly how it works. This was not the case Lucrosa binary options scam. The actual underlying strategy remained a mystery even after the very end of 25 minutes’ video. All they will show is fabricated results, unreal claim, and morphed screenshots of the software.


Should You Trust John Lucrosa?

There is no information about John Lucrosa over google. He claims to be a hedge fund manager, however, there is no record of him or company over Forbes, Bloomberg, Times Magazine or anywhere else. There is no doubt that he is just a paid actor reading lies from the script.

What about the Testimonials Are they Real?

You can tell from miles away that the testimonials and sort of live demonstration in pitch video are just morphed software screenshots. But the scammer, in this case, is clever. He hasn’t hired actors from Fiverr.


But the text testimonials are proven fake and fabricated. The scammers behind Lucrosa App has used the image of people without their consent and having to do nothing with the app. Nevertheless, I back searched Alice Smithers image on testimonial and following results showed up. The same image was on multiple websites with different names and earnings from different scam bots.


What About the Broker

As you have probably guessed such scam has two sides. Number one is to lure the prospect by offering money making software with incredible earning for free. This technique is just to capture their name and email. This is also called low balling. However what they claim free isn’t actually free. Which brings us to the second part of the scam. That is in order to activate the free the software you need to fund an account with the binary options broker they recommend. All most all scammer will recommend a broker which isn’t licensed and scammy itself.

This is the case with Lucrosa App as well. The made is compulsory that I should open an account with the broker they suggest. Now pwrTrader broker is shady which isn’t even licensed or regulated. This made the entire scheme crystal clear.



Lucrosa incorporated isn’t worth it. They are using actors and fake testimonials. However, they are doing it very cleverly. The actors aren’t from Fiverr. However, the text reviews were completely busted. They never tell you the underlying strategy which the bot uses, that made it so profitable. There wasn’t even the slightest hint of it. This is the biggest telltale sign of scam offers. The earnings are morphed with proofs that could be easily faked.

My advice is to stay away from Lucrosa. There isn’t any strong evidence that the system does work. Moreover, it used all the gimmicks common with binary options scams. So it’s better if you kick it and look for some genuine opportunity. With real earning potential and not some outrageous Millions by the end of the year’s claims.

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