Magic 1Minute Review – Scam System by Marc Richmond

Magic 1Minute Forex System is a rip-off by Marc Richmond. I am sure that this is not his real name but just an alias. Anyways make sure you read this entire review as I expose why this crappy system is destined not to work and lose you money.

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Magic 1Minute trading strategy is a forex system that can work with any platform. Unlike most of the trading strategies which comes with a custom indicator. The Magic 1 Minute make use of regular common indicators to give trade signals.  As per the author of the strategy, the system works best on 1-minute chart and on any currency pair. So it is a relatively short term trading strategy but could be used on higher time frames as well.

How It Works

Magic1Minute Forex system is a rule based trading strategy. Unlike what is common in forex industry it isn’t an automated trading robot. Moreover, you, yourself need to make the trading decision based on the rules. In addition, the strategy provides you with ideal stoploss and takeprofit levels.


Credibility of Magic 1Minute

To be really honest and upfront there is no credibility of Magic1Minute system. The sales page is littered with claims without any proof to back it up. What I mean to say here, there are no testimonials for the system. No social proof that the system has worked profitably for anyone. Secondly, the chart below is taken from the sales page. It doesn’t actually show a real trade but a marking of a hypothetical scenario.


Moreover, the sales page doesn’t say a word about its trading performance. There is no trading statement published either verified or unverified which can prove that it actually works.


Finally, the whole Magic 1Minute forex trading system is a sham. There is no proof that the system work. Neither trading statement, nor social proof. If the system is as profitable as the scammer behind the website is claiming, why hasn’t he published his trading statement? Hence, it is totally not worth it. It is a complete waste of time and money.

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