Magic Money Machine Scam – Honest Review

Magic Money Machine Scam is proven and blacklisted. The scam is pretty evident from the first impression, with money making hook. A typical pitch video and signup form to access the incredible free app. Another telltale sign of a scam is an annoying popup. This shows the con-artist operating the website is desperate for your email. Read the complete review as I reveal the hidden side of the Magic Money Machine Scam.

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First of all, there is no real person in the video. It is just a boring video with voice over and text. So it’s pretty hard to say who is actually behind the strategy.

Secondly, the claims are outrageous. I haven’t seen any system making $800 every 17 minutes. This is unbelievable. And there is no proof that anyone even the guy claiming to be the founder of Magic Money Machine has made similar money like the one he is claiming.

Moreover, I have heard similar claims promising the moon for free. But remember if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. There is no proof that could be verified, I am not talking about morphed bank statement or software screen recording. I am talking about real Proof.

Proof of Scam

The real evidence that the entire website is scam will be evident when you signup. The member’s area where they ask you to signup with their trusted broker and fund an account in order to access the app. This not only discloses that the app isn’t free, and you need to fund an account so they can earn commission and give you their worthless app in return. In addition, the members page even disclose the fake earning they are showing off. The testimonial section is fabricated, with false earning and user images. They aren’t even their user and the images are stolen off the internet.


Samantha Jones is actually Dr. Cynthia A. Bioteau. Her image is also stolen and used with her consent.



Magic Money Machine is a scam. They shouldn’t be trusted, not a single word in their video or website is real. Lastly, the testimonials are fake, you have already seen the proof of it above. They are using false names, earnings, and stolen images. The MagicMoneyMachine app is worthless, whereas their pattern strategy is lame. Hence, my advice is to look for better and more honest strategy online. Read some positive review on our website to find some.

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