Mikes Auto Trader Review – Automated Binary App Scam

Mike is a very famous binary options trainer and reviewer. But the real question is does the bot aka Mikes Auto Trader works or not. Make sure you read this entire review while I expose this dangerous scam.

Official Website: http://www.mikesautotrader.com



Michael Freeman is a famous binary options reviewer and trainer. You can find lots of videos posted by him on youtube. Whereas, Mikes Auto Trader is binary options automated software, which trades options automatically.


Michael Freeman is claiming that his binary options software has above 80% accuracy. However, there is no proof of the winning trade through his website. Forget about verified statement there is not even a self-prepared statement. A statement shows what kind of asset does the system trades and how often. They have only mentioned that the software takes around 30 trades every day. You can choose which asset you want the bot to auto trade on.


The testimonials are the only proof posted on MikesAutoTrader website. Unfortunately, the testimonials don’t correspond to this software but manual trade signals which he is giving out on Facebook. And doesn’t gives an idea of the aggregated performance of the signals as well.


The good thing is he isn’t using fabricated testimonials. And the bad thing is there are no testimonials which can establish the profitability of the auto trading bot.

How the System Works

There is no information about the underlying strategy the video only talks about the credentials of Michael Freeman. The video doesn’t shed a light on how the software picks trades. What kind of system does it use to achieve above 80% winning trades? The real truth is the software hasn’t had anything unique. It is just a 3rd party software which Mike has branded and selling as his own.

Is the System Free

The system isn’t free. You need to open an account with the broker Mike ask you. Moreover, you need to fund at least $250 in order to get access to the app. The broker Mike is promoting on the members’ page is sleazy.


He is also swapping the brokers, so different people might see different brokers.


Mikes Auto Trader simply doesn’t work. It is not profitable at all. I won’t say he is lying in the pitch video but he is not completely honest. There are negative reviews about the system on different forums. Furthermore, there is no information about how the app actually picks trades. Plus, no proof which can prove that the system really trades profitably. With so many things unknown, my advice is to simply kick this app. It is not worth it, and a cheap 3rd party repackaged app.

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