Million Dollar Duplicator Review – Dangerous Scam Alert

Million Dollar Duplicator has telltale of scam all over their website. But still, if you think that their app is really profitable or partially profitable, then I’ll give you undeniable proof. So, make sure you read the complete review, while I expose their dirty secret.

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First of all, the Duplicators Copies remaining stops at 1. It is a sham and is only there to rush you through the signup process. This is an old bluff technique which works by creating urgency. The same goes for the “You Don’t Have Much Time!”. Secondly, the logos below the signup button are counterfeit. For example, the news logos. There is no point of placing the news logos, the app or its creator isn’t mentioned on any of the news networks. The logos are strategically there to give you a false impression.

The video doesn’t feature a real person, it is just typography with voice over. So, you don’t actually know for sure who is really behind the system. Is there some professional team or bunch of scammers operating from their basement?

Irrefutable Proof of Scam

Michael Bradley the person claiming to be the creator of the duplicator system is a mythical person. There are no social media profiles of him, and all that is about him over the forums are nothing but negative reviews. The most embarrassing thing is the portrait is also a stock image.creator-million-dollar-duplicator

A Google image back search will reveal this lie, check it for yourself.


In addition, the testimonials are also invented. The user’s thumb images are either stolen and in one case is a stock image of a model. The images of people in the testimonials are used without their consent.


The real truth is nobody has made money with the app, which is evident from hundreds of complaints and reviews posted all over the web. Similarly, the social media comments and posts are photoshopped as well. I have search both Facebook and Twitter including the users but there is nothing.


Moreover, a duplicator system depends on the signal provider. Meaning for Million Dollar Duplicator to actually made millions the signal providers need to be really professional traders. However, in actual they are all just fictitious character. The images are stock images purchased from stock photography websites.



Million Dollar Duplicator should never be trusted. I have already provided enough proof and for sure they will rip you off. My tip is to completely avoid this app, looks for an app with positive reviews on our website.

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