Million Dollar Months – Binary Options Scam

Just after the page loads, it looks nothing but a scam website with lots of things popping up. It has a very bad first impression. You can see all the scam tactics at first glance. Fake timer to create a sense of urgency. Copies left to create fake scarcity. All they want to do with these countdown timers is to diminish your rational thinking.

Secondly, you will notice popular logos just below the sign-up form. These logos just sit there and does nothing. In fact, it has nothing to do with Million Dollar Months app. It is only to suck you in their scam. Now their website wasn’t featured on Forbes or Huffington Post. Neither their app is available on Google Play or Apple App Store. It is all fake.



Million Dollar Months Claim

No doubt it is a scam, therefore their claims are outrageous. As the name implies they are guaranteeing $1 Million in just 30 days. The guarantee is mere words there is no truth or backing in it. They will not refund your deposit or anything. You don’t trust them. In fact, they have clearly mentioned it in the disclaimer. Just to stay out of legal trouble.

Don’t trust a single word in their video presentation. Just check this one and you will know that everything else is also deceit.


The scammer behind the Million Dollar Month is claiming that Brad Davis is the creator and CEO of Million Dollar Months app. The image of Brad Davis is just a stock photo purchased from a website selling stock photos. Here is the proof, check it for yourself.


Fake Creator With Fake Testimonials

Just like the CEO the testimonials for Million Dollar months are fake as well. The scammer behind the website has stolen the images from the internet and fabricated the review.


Moreover, the video testimonials in the presentation are done by actors hired from Fiverr.


They are all fake and not of a bit of truth in it.


My advice is to completely stay away from Million Dollar Months, it is blacklisted. The CEO of the app is a fake person. Secondly, the principle behind the system is vague. In addition, the testimonials are either fake or done by an actor. Moreover, there is no proof that could be verified. It is a confirmed Scam.

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