Millionaire Trader Review – Binary Trading App Scam

The first impression of Millionaire Trader isn’t good. Whenever I see money or dollar bills in the background or in the video I immediately know that it is a typical scam. I have seen similar pattern again and again. But in this review I will provide you factual information, so make sure you read the entire review.

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Millionaire Trader hook is promising $10,000 per week with a secret. Now the secret they are claiming is very well known. It is binary options trading. There are many other websites who made similar claims but fail miserably when it comes to profiting from binary options trading. Look in order to make money from binary trading the strategy behind the software or trading picking should be exceptional.

Secondly, the 50 spots available is just a bluff. The app has virtually unlimited copies available. The scammer behind the Millionaire Trader is trying to create fake scarcity by lying about the spots available.

In addition, the badges below the signup form are fake. The app hasn’t won any award.


Strategy Behind Millionaire Trader

There is really no information about the strategy behind the Millionaire Trader App. The video only reveals how a Russian guy handed Oliver Miller a thumb drive which contains the system. To be honest, I am not buying this at all. I have heard similar stories throughout different scam site. The person in the video is a paid actor and reading from the script filled with nothing but lies.


There is no social media profile of Oliver Miller, which proves he is just a fictitious character. And the story is made up.

Is MillionaireTrader App Free?

As you have probably already guessed the app isn’t free at all. You need to open an account with the broker they ask you to. Furthermore, you need to fund at least $250 to $500 in order to access the app. The broker which I was recommended was UTrade. The broker isn’t registered nor regulated. So you really can’t trust them with your money.

Proof of Earning?

Apart from fabricated binary broker account balance, and morphed bank statement there is no proof that the software actually works. I have seen similar fake proof in many different binary scams. But in order to establish that the app really works there should be some verifiable proof.


Finally, the proof is in the pudding. If you will take some time and browse different forum with actual trading results of Millionaire Trader you will discover tons of horror stories. The app simply isn’t profitable. And what they are saying in the sales video is nothing but a lie. Hence, I would suggest you to not to throw your money on them. They will rip you off just like other hundred of members with real results posted on forums.

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