The Millionaires Makers – Typical Get Rich Quick Scam

The Millionaires Makers is a typical get rich quick scam, however, in the backend, they are just giving away a binary options app. The money making claims are simply unbelievable and in millions. Read the complete review while I provide factual information and expose this dangerous scam right in front of you.

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The Millionaires Makers is a confirmed scam website, which any number of people can join to get ripped off. First of all, the hook which claims that they are only going to allow 50 lucky beta tester is a fallacy. It is an old technique to make the offer wanted by building scarcity around it.

Secondly, unlike what they are claiming in the hook the offer isn’t free. In order to access the app, you need to open an account with their scammy broker and fund at least $250 with the very same unlicensed broker.

Proof of Scam

In order to prove that the offer really works other people should have made money with it, Right? Well, The Millionaires Makers pitch video starts exactly with a testimonial that clearly tells about how profitable the app is. Unfortunately, in the case of MillionairesMakers the testimonials are all fake and done by actors hired from Fiverr. None of the actor in the pitch video has actually made any money with the system but are paid to say so. Let me give you an undeniable proof of the lies.


She is an actress hired from Fiverr. Check out her gig page on Fiverr. This proves that she is willing to say anything either real or fake review starting from just five dollars.


Just like the first testimonials all the other testimonials The MillionairesMakers have are fake. Let me give you yet another proof of it. Few minutes into the pitch video you will see how Mark had amazing results with this app. Well, again he is an actor hired from Fiverr.


Check out his gig page over Fiverr.


Strategy Behind the App

The pitch video doesn’t share the real strategy behind The MillionairesMakers. Just like all the other binary options scam they also haven’t shared a word about how and why the system is so profitable. Secondly, their alleged CEO Todd Salerno also doesn’t appear in the video. There is not even a picture of him to tell either he is real or just like the fake testimonials.


Like I’ve already said TheMillionairesMakers is a confirmed scam. Every single work in their pitch video lies and only entices an honest person to put their hard earned money with their scam broker. I have received lots of negative reviews about how their app manipulate the price of an asset in order to turn your winning into losing. And worst part they don’t even have a real strategy behind their app. Their app is just a cloned copy of another scam. Hence, I would strongly advise you to stay away and not to trust them at any cost.

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