Mirror Trader Software Review – Another Binary Scam

Welcome to my Mirror Trader Software Review – we’re covering a brand new binary options trading software. This software claims to allow you to make incredible amounts of money, with just a few minutes of input every day. The software claims to use a sophisticated computer algorithm to pick the most profitable transactions. This supposedly generates a marginal profit for the user, throughout the day, without even needing to sit at your computer desk.

mirror trader 14k

Fake binary options software.

This proposition sounds amazing, but can it actually hold up? The sad reality is; lots of people have taken advantage of binary options trading to defraud people online. The victims are mostly new investors who are trying to start trading and getting into the business. It’s important to be informed before investing in new software and new trading ventures. That’s why we’ve made this review that explains why Mirror Trader is not a legit trading option, and will only take your money away!

mirror trader premium license

This is a binary options scam.

First Things First: What Does Mirror Trader Offer?

Their homepage presents us with their introduction video. In it, John Harrison, the CEO and founder of Mirror Trader, explains how he has helped many new investors become rich in just a few short weeks. He shows us how the Mirror Trader trading software works, and explains how easy and friendly it is to users.

mirror trader 300k

You will not make $300k with this binary technology.

He states that he has helped people make profits of around $14,000 per day. As any rookie investor can tell you, making those profits would require extreme amounts of luck, and can’t be done consistently. Binary Options trading software can make very large profits, in theory. But it completely depends on how the market acts on any given day, and the results are not always as consistent as John Harrison makes it out to be.

mirror trader zero experience

You can’t make binary profits with zero experience.

For starters, their website has too many red flags. Binary trader scams like Mirror Trader are usually offered with a simple registration form. It only asks for the user’s full name and e-mail, which is too little information. This goes in line with John Harrison’s claims in the video, saying that you can start getting rich in just 3 minutes. But as any experienced investor can tell you, making money investing is never that easy or simple.

More Warning Signs, Mirror Trader Doesn’t Look Good

Mirror Trader seems like a limited time offer, with only 29 of 51 spots left available. This doesn’t change no matter when you visit the page, so it’s obviously a fraud. Moreover, the service claims to be risk free, with is simply impossible in the world of investment. Risks are always assumed in order to make profits, and high numbers like the ones he promises are not possible with 100% safety.

mirror trader debt

This binary software won’t rescue you from debt.

They also have images promoting the service as a way to eliminate all your debt easily. This is the most blatant and alarming red flag of all; it’s a bait to try and trick desperate people and rookies.

Conclusion: Stay AWAY From Mirror Trader!

Binary option traders might look like good investments, but you have to beware of scams like Mirror Trader. They want to take advantage of their hype and offer promises of risk-free fortune, but they offer nothing to back it up, and the fact that their domain on mirrortrader.net was only registered on June 2016 only proves it further. Make safe choices!

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