Alfred Malone the actor in the pitch video claim to be the inventor of the Monaco Treasure binary options bot. Monaco Treasure is blacklisted and there are in numerous real people who are posting their reviews of the scam bot which burned their hard earned cash. The earning claims are hyped up and use all the tactics common with the binary options trading hoax. There is a ring of affiliates pushing this scam. They are posting biased review on different website and lying about the earning they made with this App. The affiliates are just posting fake reviews to make a commission. So you need to be ultra cautious when reading a review. Number one thing to check is either the reviewer is also promoting the offer.


The Attractive Character in the video Alfred Malone who claims to be an ex-investment banker is not even an actor. They didn’t even hire an actor to read the script with endless lies. In fact, they just used a stock image of the attractive character in the video. Check the undeniable proof below.

He is not Alfred Malone the ex-investment banker who invented the strategy behind the Monaco Treasure software. The picture is purchase from Dreamtime. Where photographer get paid for their stock photos.


Another telltale sign that the entire scheme is nothing but a big hoax is that they are using stock video in order to spout emotions. What this does is it shuts off the logical part of the viewer’s brain. And making the software free further cancels any suspect.

Artificial Intelligence with 94.6% winning trade

The Monaco Treasure claim that it is based on completely legal and ethical strategy, that make use of artificial intelligence. Apart from it, there is very little information about how the software work. The video only discloses that it has an incredible success rate of 94.6%. But the fact of the matter is, the app doesn’t even come close to the promised winning rate of 94.6%. In fact, after some time it burns all your cash and asks you to deposit more. It has negative reviews all around the internet.

What about the passionate testimonials?

The Testimonials are fake and recorded by an actor, they are as fake as passion in a call girl. Now I’m not saying this without any proof.


The actors in the testimonials are hired from Fiverr. The testimonials are just to win your trust and build credibility around the entire scam.



Don’t trust single word in the pitch video. It is written by some smart copywriter to lure you and part you from your hard-earned money. The most undeniable proof that this app doesn’t produce promised results or any result at all,  is evident from the fact they don’t even have a single real person to vouch for them.


Monaco Treasure is a scam and blacklisted. Their video is filled with lies after lies. The alleged inventor of the system is just a fictional character with his image purchased from stock images website. The testimonials aren’t real. The actors are hired from Fiverr. There is no real proof that the system work or has made any money for its users. The web is filled with complaints regarding their false promises and negative review. I didn’t even bother to check their broker they are promoting. However, once you will enter your name and email in order to access the free software you will be asked to make a deposit of at least $250. The entire scam is so evident that I don’t need to check either the broker is scam as well.

My advice is to simply avoid it. I have laid the entire Monaco Treasure scam bare. Kick this crap and move on. It is of no real value. Their system has nothing to with Artificial Intelligence. The only reason they are Claiming it to be based on AI is to make new suckers believe that this piece of software is really sophisticated.

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