Our NavStar Trader Review – Another Binary Scam Exposed

NavStar Trader is a new binary options trading tool that has recently surfaced. It claims it can make you rich in a matter of 24 hours. But is it actually legitimate? The video presentation on their homepage promises impossible wonders, such as earning up to $900 USD per hour. But can all of that actually be true?

We’ve come here today to dismantle the scam that the NavStar Trader program really is, so be sure to read all the way down to learn everything you need to know.

Navstar Trader Another Scam Software

NavStar Trader Logo

What Is NavStart Trader?

To fully understand everything that NavStart Trader does, one must first understand what automatic binary options traders are. They are promoted as an automatic investment program that turns a small investment into great profits, simply by trading with an algorithm.

As any rookie investor can already tell just by having a little experience, every profit requires effort and preparation. There’s no such thing as automatically generated money – at least not like these guys are promising.

Unfortunately, there are many scammers and con-men online who have taken advantage of the existence of binary options traders. They use this premise as a way to lure people into depositing their money into their broker accounts. NavStar Trader is one of these scam websites.

The software allegedly uses the GPS satellite system, a fact that is claimed by Ethan Harrington, the man talking in the video shown in their homepage.

Navstar Real Scam Software

NavStar Intro video and sign up form.

NavStar Trader Scam Evidence Starts Piling Up

First, as you can see in the picture above, they claim you can make a total of over $22,000 dollars in just 24 hours, meaning you can make about $900 every hour. Any seasoned investor knows that those numbers would be insane even for the top human traders with years of experience in the market, let alone a rookie who just joined the business.

Ethan Harrington claims that you can do this just by joining their team and setting up your account, thanks to their allegedly “limited time free trial” version of their software.

Navstar Obviously Fake Software

Obviously Fake Limited Offer Timer

A quick refresh of their home page reveals that the limited time is nothing but a programmed timer. That’s already a bad sign, and the formatting of the page is very similar to other Binary Options trading scams that we have reviewed in the past.

With all these red flags already, it’s hard to believe that anyone would even fall for it. But the danger of these scams is real, and people like “Ethan Harrington” create fraudulent sites to take advantage of the most trusting people.

Navstar Trader 100 Percent Scam Software

NavStar Binary Trader Unrealistic Features

As a final piece of evidence, we can see that NavStar has a fake Facebook testimonial section. It uses stock images seen in other supposedly legit testimonials. The fake posts don’t link anywhere and cannot be found on the actual Facebook page. There are no real accounts with those names or photos found anywhere.

Also, many of the numbers seen on their page don’t match what Ethan Harrington promises in the video. So the supposed 24-person limit to their recruitment plan doesn’t add up.

Navstar Binary Signal Options Clearly Fake

Facebook Testimonials Are Clearly Fake

Conclusion: Avoid NavStar Trader At Any Cost!

All in all, NavStar Trader is not only obviously a SCAM, but a very poorly made one. Avoid it like a mugger and make sure you always make reasonable and viable investments.


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