Neo2 Review: Trading Software That’s Too Good To Be True is a fascinating website. Binary options trading is a hot commodity these days. Not to mention who hasn’t heard of Kickstarter? The geniuses behind the website certainly have. Not only can you join them for binary trading, but you can also support them on KickStarter.

Neo2 Binary Options Software Review

85% win rate for binary trading system

The primary claim is NEO2 uses trading algorithms and innovative weather prediction software to make users over $4000 per week. The company claims to measure solar and lunar activity to predict the weather. In turn, they use this information to predict options. Furthermore, they use wild claims such as being endorsed by the US government association NOAA. It sounds like the stuff of the future.

If it were real, it would be great to get in at the beginning. Don’t you think?

NEO2 too good to be true.

So the chief financial officer’s name is William Van Loon.  Via the site, consumers can receive free access to the typically $7,900 software.  Moreover, support them on Kickstarter and you can get free lifetime access. The company offers many reviews; they have a guy claiming to be from Fast Company. Also, another girl claiming to be from Geek World magazine.  There is even another man claiming to be from Technology Review. We have identified this gentleman as a YOUTUBE actor.

Neo2 Binary Options Software Review

Binary options software in Wall Street Journal

The site boasts that NEO2 is usable via mobile and desktop device. Though what it does is not available. There are tons of high-tech photos of numbers and satellites on the site, thus giving the impression of a futuristic project in the making. Looking for sci-fi ways to make money sounds like a ton of fun. The reality, however, is that this is just another website of wishful thinking.

Conclusion: Forget the Future and Invest in Now

Neo2 Binary Options Software Review

Binary options software in action

The consumer deserves the best of everything. The best information at the tip of their fingers. This review aims to give the reader exactly that. The idea behind NEO2 is an awesome one.  Who wouldn’t love using a global satellite system to predict how to trade your options? Unfortunately, this review has come to the conclusion that NEO2 is a scam website. Avoid it at all costs.


Investing is a risky business. Whether you are investing stocks, bonds or binary options, there is risk involved. However, risk does not have to mean dumb. Avoid NEO2 and their Kickstarter program. Your wallet will thank you for it.

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