Neo2 Trader Review: Avoid This Trading Scam

Welcome to our Neo2 Trader review where we’re going to take on the guys who claim they can predict commodity prices based on changes in weather. They say they can make use of satellites to measure solar/lunar activities, and then use their results in a trading algorithm to predict and profitably trade binary options.

Neo2 Fake Profit Software

Does this softeware guarantee $4000 weekly?

Neo2 Trader: The Incredible Claims

Thanks to their incredible hyped up profitability claims, Neo2 Trader has been getting a lot of attention from seasoned traders right from the word “go”. But here’s the question: is it even possible to predict commodity prices accurately? I mean, how much do you trust your weatherman to predict the weather itself?

So, why on earth would you trust the predictions these guys are making with your money at stake?

This Neo2 Trader Review will prove to you that Neo2 is indeed a scam.

The software was supposedly developed by scientist Dr. Jack Piers and Silicon Valley startup veteran Amit Gupta, It’s even supposedly recommended by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US Government Agency) as well. We will definitely be delving into details of the credentials of these two names in the course of this review, but first I want to talk about some of their testimonials.

A Glimpse Into The Neo2 Trader Scam

With a quick glance through their website you’ll likely find a few people claiming to love Neo2 Trader. They explain how it can predict “winning trades” for you with incredible accuracy. But the one guy who claims that it’s “one of the biggest tech surprises of the year” is an actor who can ALSO be found endorsing Go Daddy here:

Neo2 Trader Binary Option Scam

An actor lying about this binary options scam.

The Neo2 Trader Review would be incomplete if we don’t discuss John Piers and Amit Gupta, the supposed founders of Neo2 Trader. Let us start with John Piers. If looks could guarantee credibility then the credentials of this man wouldn’t have raised doubts.

But when you look deeper, it gets a LOT more fishy. The website very cleverly steers clear of mentioning his academic background (except that he is a PhD). It doesn’t explain how you can contact him online. My initial instinct was to find him on LinkedIn, but I couldn’t find him there either.

After further research, I found that he had no other social media profile either. Sorry Neo2 Trader if you have completely dismissed your clients’ digital outreach, then why should we believe your claims?

Neo2 Software Fake Founder

Supposed company founder Jack Piers

Just like Jack Piers, Google has nothing to offer about Amit Gupta – Neo2 Trader’s supposed programming head. I’m assuming he’s a local paid actor too!

The only “real” guy out here seems to be Michael Freeman. However, if his claims to “reality” inspire some confidence in you then wait till you finish reading this review. If you take the trouble of Googling it, you will definitely come across the fact that Michael is saddled with his own trading scam.

For reference you can turn to this link:

Neo2 Trader Software Binary Option Scammer

Michael Freeman is a binary options scammer.

Neo 2 Trader Review: Final Words

There are an hundred reasons why Neo2 isn’t worth your time. Don’t trust their scam. Don’t trust their claims. Don’t let your $250 (or more) broker deposit be stolen by these outright criminals.

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