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Nesdek Binary Options Scam Software

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In our Nesdek review we’re covering a binary options trading company that has recently appeared online. It offers a way to quickly turn new investors into millionaires, in just a matter of months. Of course, as you’ll clearly see later in this review, it’s nothing more than a blatant scam. It’s made to abuse people and take their money, and we’ve done all the research necessary to dismantle it for you.

What Do We Really Know About The Nesdek Scam?

Nesdek Trader Fake Software

Mike McDonald Presents Himself

Their company has moved to the domain, after mysteriously moving away from their previous domain at If this company has been established and working for years now, it would be extremely unusual for them to just change domains all of a sudden, unless they were involved in something shady.

The man who speaks in the auto-play video presents himself as Mike McDonald, the CFO of Nesdek Inc. He talks about how he’s a seasoned Wall Street investor, and how he spent years looking for an easy solution to invest without any risk or work involved.

If he actually was a tough Wall St. veteran, he wouldn’t even believe there’s a way to invest without taking any risks. Much less becoming a millionaire in less than a year, like McDonald says. Besides, if you try to look up Mike McDonald on google, you’ll find little to no relevant results. It’s unusual for a successful millionaire to just not appear online, don’t you think?

More Evidence Of The Nesdek Fraud

Nesdek Software Real Scam

Mike McDonald Boasts Incredible Profits

Mike rambles on and on about numbers, dividing his supposed earnings into yearly, monthly, and daily rates. This is just a cheap trick to try and impress gullible people with meaningless numbers, and he presents no way to back up his outrageous claims.

McDonald just says the software does all the work, and he explains that the A.I. in the Nesdesk App becomes “smarter” over time, as more people start using it. But he also says that it’s functionality is limited to a few dozens of people in total, so it doesn’t make any sense that he’s offering the software for free now.

Nesdek Binary Signals Fake Claims

Fake Limited Time Offer Timer

Nesdek Trading Software Scam Review

Nesdek Fake Reviews

To top it all off, Nesdek’s homepage also presents several red flags that are present in other binary option trading software scams. Red flags such as the quick name-and-email registration, the fake Facebook testimonials, and a limited time offer that is allegedly exclusive to the user. But the names of the people who have supposedly became rich with the app lead to no real people on an actual Facebook search, which just screams scam.

Finally, what puts the cherry on the cake is the fact that Mike McDonald claims they have been offering the service for years, and McDonald himself states his earnings in the past year, and yet both domains that Nesdek Inc has used for their website were registered in April 2016, according to our searches.

Conclusion: The Nesdek Software is nothing more than a SCAM

It’s impossible for a service that boasts such amazing numbers to have appeared so suddenly, and it shows many clear signs of being fraudulent.

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