Nova App Review – Sophisticated Scam Alert

I’ve heard a lot of Nova app lately. It appears that huge army of affiliate is spamming traders to fund a real binary trading account with an offshore broker. Sure these affiliates get paid to promote the app and that is way either knowingly or unknowingly soliciting innocent people.

I think it’s time that to lay bare this sophisticated scam. I will provide you will all the research and analysis about Nova app. Moreover, I will also review the app and let you know exactly which this is yet another rip-off hard working people are falling prey to.


So let’s get started

Michael Newberry claims that he incepted Nova back in 2014, his aim was to find a sure way to make money from trading. He further said to have tried all the auto traders and signal software. He gathered top analysts and best programmers to create the best trading app aka Nova App. The biggest claim he made is that Nova App haven’t lost a single trade since 2014 and the is proven to make $1,350 dollars daily. Now, these are outrageous claims without any proof and credibility.

I have googled Michael Newberry and have found nothing about him other than that he is just an actor with lots of complaints and scam warning regarding his software.

Are the Testimonials Real

I think testimonials from real users who have profited are a single factor which can tell apart scams and real deals out there. But nowadays binary con-artist are using testimonials like crazy. They know that people won’t do their research in order to find out either the testimonials are real and from a real user.


On main page, you can see 3 member’s feedback. It is also very common to misuse pictures of ordinary people without them ever knowing in order to, generate fake feedback. This is also the case with Nova binary options.

The first so-called member of Nova system “Sarah Foster” is, in fact, a famous author who also runs a blog

Her book “Holding Up The Universe” is New York times bestseller.  You can check her blog and picture taken from her blog Jennifer Niven.


The third member Ethan Nolan is also a blog owner
The Selfie in the member’s feedback is taken from his blog post, check the link below:


Now you might argue that why can’t blog owner use such an incredible App. Well, they can but the point I’m trying to make is why they are using different names in testimonials. And that is simply because the scammer has fabricated the reviews in order to build trust and credibility around his scam.

Apart from member’s feedback, the video testimonial isn’t real as well. It’s also recorded by an actor over



I can go on and on in order to prove my point. But I think it’s enough for the testimonial. The testimonials are as fake as a three-dollar bill. There is no truth in it. They are either fabricated or done by an actor over Fiverr. The same goes for Michael Newberry trust me I have seen him in some binary offer but can’t remember the website. His face looks so familiar.

Lies About Deposit

In the presentation video Michael Newberry said he will be happy to make the deposit, but this can’t be any further from the truth. The main incentive here for the scammer is to siphon money from you in a disguise of depositing into trusted broker.

In order to get access to the app I was asked to make a deposit at offshore broker named uTrader. Not only this uTrader isn’t regulated. Depositing money with unlicensed broker is serious mistake.

What about the deposit that doubled?

In the video presentation, the narrator shows how the $250 deposit doubled to $508.88. This is another tactic; the software could be easily programmed to show such gimmicks. Plus, there is no other verifiable proof like a bank statement.  You might also stumble upon some fake reviews claiming to have made money with this app. But all they are a bunch of affiliates who get paid to promote the scam. So this is just a web of lies and deceit.

Conclusion and Summary

Nova App has innumerous telltale signs of a fraudulent software. First of all, the app hasn’t lost a single trade since 2014 which is totally ludicrous and there is no proof about it. Secondly, all the testimonials are either fabricated or recorded over Fiverr by some actor. Third, the backend offshore broker is also shady, they are unlicensed and unregulated. And finally, there isn’t enough proof of the proven daily income which the App claims it can generate.

My advice is to stay away from Nova App. There are lots of feedback from users on different forums and review sites that say Nova App simply don’t work. It will burn away your deposit in a matter of minutes and ask you to deposit even more. I have provided enough factual review and investigation to prove beyond any shadow of doubt that it is not worth it and exposed their fake earning. It just uses army of crooks affiliates that are pushing this scam and luring innocent people to invest money with an app that simply doesn’t work and broker which isn’t even licensed.

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