Nova Star Scam App Review

Recently I received an email about Nova Star scam binary option app. The app is claiming that it makes around $3,025 in just 24 hours. Nothing looks immediately scammy with Nova app. However, this is how the scam websites are recently. They look professional and credible. So please read till the end of the review while I uncover Nova Star Scam.



The pitch video starts with fake testimonials, recorded over Fiverr. Anyone can tell this from miles away,  I will come to this later but first I want to give you a brief overview of Nova Star. NovaStar is continuation of Nova App. But the interesting thing is Nova App is confirmed scam and blacklisted. So what does this make Nova Star? Truth be told, NovaStar is yet another scam with

Truth be told, NovaStar is yet another scam with same actor, ambient, suit and lies. They have just given the website a little bit facebook, and added few additional fake testimonials.


This is the screenshot of the older scam Nova App.


What about Nova Holding?

Michael Newberry who is claiming to be CEO of Nova Holdings is merely a paid actor.  I have searched Nova Holdings online and the scammers are just using an honest web name. And nowhere on their website Michael Name is mentioned. In fact, I have tried calling Nova Holdings and informed them about the scam perpetuating using their name. Nova Holding was shocked to hear this and said they will do everything in their power to stop the scammers defaming their name.

Does Nova Star App work?

Nova Star app is just a cheap clone, a third party app that is guaranteed to make you losses. Just like the previous app with tons of negative review posted on different forums, Nova Star app is also worthless.

The actor keeps on convincing that the app works with fake testimonials but never shares the actual underlying system behind their revolutionary app. The reason is it is worthless and it has proven not to work. There are already thousands of horror stories posted regarding Nova App. Moreover, there is not a single third party verifiable proof, that the system actually makes the money they are claiming it makes.

Final Words About Nova Star Scam

Nova App and Nova Star are both scams. It’s just continuation of the same scam series with the same actor, ambient and pitch video. As you have previously already read Nova App review with evidence that exposes their lie. Nova App is nothing more. The founder in the pitch video is fake. The testimonials are unreal and done over Fiverr. Again, in the backend, they are promoting same crappy broker which is not only unregulated but also unlicensed. Lastly, my advice is not to get sucked into the part 2 of the same old scam.

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