Nuvo Finance Scam – Complete Rip-off

Nuvo Finance starts with a bold claim. $17,000 per month with 100% free robot. The honesty of this statement depends on what they are saying in the pitch video. I mean if the software is claiming to be good and have verifiable proof we have no problem accepting it. In fact, I will be more than happy to open an account with them and recommend my reader to also do the same.

Nuvo Finance Scam Overview

Now the pitch video starts with Peter Millen the founder and CEO of Nuvo Finance. Just like most other binary options scam the video feature luxury rides and office building to lure the prospect. First of all, I want to make it clear that all the people featured in this video are simply paid actors.


Peter Millan, real name is Chris Benham. You can check his resume, I am uploading screenshot of his profile from the website.


Moreover, the testimonial featured in Nuvo Finance pitch video are also fake. Remember, this moment?


The beta tester is another actor. Her name is Lisamarie Harrison. Again, I am upload screenshot of her resume.


What I want to prove here is that the pitch video is all lies. They are recorded by actors and they are not what they are claiming to be in the video. The biggest irony is, the testimonials are also fake and done by people who have nothing to do with the app. All the other beta testers are actors as well.


Expected Earning from Nuvo Finance

The earning claims are inconsistent as well. On top of the website,  Headline hook is claiming you can make $17,000 per month. Whereas, few minutes into the video (after you are hooked) their claims become outrageous. Now rather than $17K a month they are claiming that the app makes $200,000 a week.

Another lie or call it a half-truth is that the app is free. The truth is in order to access the free app you need to fund an account with the broker they suggest. And insult to the injury is the broker they are suggesting is shady.


There is no doubt that Nuvo Finance is a Scam software. It has been blacklisted. In addition, it has tons of negative review over different forums. Their pitch video is nothing but a clever deceit. Don’t buy a single work in the video, it’s done by professional actors. Moreover, the testimonials are fake and there is no proof that anyone has actually made money with the software.

My advice is to stay away from Nuvo Finance and not to get sucked into their scam.

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