Omnia App Scam – Indisputable Proof

Omnia App main headline also called hook is claiming up to $237 per hour. Yes, that’s right per hour. And their pitch video starts with a typical Ferrari and toys which money can buy. Regardless of what they are claiming in the video and hook. Omnia App is a clever swindle. Just go through the complete review and I will divulge their real intentions.


Omnia App Scam Review

Just a few minutes after the Ferrari crap I immediately recognized the guy claiming to be the founder of Omnia App, Matthew Hammersmith. Now I’ve seen Matthew in many other binary options scam videos but only with different clothes and names. He was the person who is claiming to have made millions from Tera App.


In addition, the same person also claimed that he used satellites and discovered holy grail system. Moreover, he also promised to make 27 people millionaire. But his name keeps on changing. Strange.


Truth be told, he is just a paid actor. The real scammer works behind the scene. The reason I am saying he is an actor and not the scammer himself is because you can check his acting profiles on different agency website.


Now his real name is Patrick Green. He is bit professional than B movies actor. In fact his IMDB profiles gave me an impression he knows a thing or two about acting.


Now this unquestionably proves that he has nothing to with trading itself, all he is just an actor. Apart from this the stuff he is saying in the video is just script with lies.

False Testimonials

After discovering so many lies it’s hard to believe anything Omnia has to say. The claims are baseless if nobody has made money with them. Moreover, the testimonials shown just below the sales video is fake as well.


Final Words About Omni App

Finally, Omni App is confirmed scam. The spokesperson in the video is just an actor playing a fictitious character and promising money there is no proof of. The testimonials are fake. And the underlying strategy is baseless. There is no proof that It has worked or made money for anyone. The app isn’t free either plus with tons of negative review all over the internet.

Lastly, I will strongly suggest you to not to trust a single word from Omnia App. It’s an undeniable scam and depositing any money with them is nothing but a blunder.

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