Opciones Binarias Bot Scam – Unbiased Review

Opciones Binarias Bot Scam is confirmed. The app is blacklisted and there are lots of complaints on different web forums regarding Opciones Binarias Bot Scam. If you live in a Spanish speaking country, chances are you might have seen spam email promoting this service. Now you will see some positive reviews regarding the software. But keep one thing in mind, if the review contains an affiliate link then it a dishonest review. The webmaster earns commission recommending the software and doesn’t care about his readers.

Anyways read till the end of this review and ill exposed how dangerous Opciones Binarias Bot Scam is.



Carlos Rodriguez the man claiming to be behind Opciones Binarias Bot is a fictitious character. Probably a paid actor. He is claiming to be trading forex and binaries since 1999. However, when I did a search on him, I didn’t found anything. No Social media profiles, no forum accounts, no anything.

The is no proof to back up the claims in the pitch video. Meaning there is no statement which could be verified by the third party that could prove the software actually transformed $500 deposit into $2271. The earning claims are nothing but a hype, to suck you into the scam.

Is it Free?

There are two options, either you have to pay $2400 or try the software for free. Definitely, you will go with the trial subscription. But in any case, it’s not free, once you subscribe to the free trial, right away you have to deposit money with their broker in order to access the app. Which is common with all the binary scam website. The choice, in the beginning, was just a delusion.

Fake Comments

The only reason they are using fake comments is to build social credibility. Now the reason I am calling them fake is because they aren’t real. And the scammer himself has fabricated the comment with positive remarks regarding Opciones Binarias Bot. The names are fictitious and images were stolen off the internet of average guys without even their consent.


Now the name is fictitious and image of Alex N stolen off the internet. If we will google image search the thumb picture, we can identify the origin of the picture.



The claims are not supported by any evidence. The founder of the app is just an actor. Moreover, the app isn’t free and worthless. There are hundreds of negative review regarding the app over different forums. In addition, the comments are fake and are only there to build credibility. My advice is not to try their app, it is a complete waste of time and for sure will blow your money.

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