Optical Signal System Scam Review

Optical signal system or Opti System doesn’t have a very good first impression. The overall look and feel are similar to a scam binary website. The main headline or hook is claiming a whopping $1 Million in a single month. But let’s see if their software app is really profitable or another piece of garbage.


Optical Signal System Overview

First of all, Optical Signal System is just a relaunch of another scam called Optical Signal Trader. This time it’s not just the actor or office it is the entire same video. What the scammers are doing here is they have given their software a facelift, and website a new name and design. Everything else is the same. The software is same crappy piece of loss-making bot. Check the screenshot of Optical Signal Trader main landing page below:


This clearly proves that both Optical Signal Trader and Optical Signal System are scam. It is done by a paid actor, reading from his script. The script is nothing but blunt lies. You should not buy a single word in the video.

What about the other Testimonials

Secondly, if you will scroll Optical Signal System a little bit lower, you will notice a testimonial with Ferrari and best binary options software award. Well, these are just stolen images.


If you will back search the first image you will found that it is definitely stolen.             exposed-testimonial-optical-signal-system-scam

Final Words About Optical Signal System

Optical Signal System is a scam and blacklisted. It is just a revamp of previous scam called Optical Signal Trader. Now Optical Signal Trader has hundreds if not thousands of negative review from real people who has deposited money with them. You will find all kind of ripoff stories relating to OST. With Optical Signal System it is the same old crappy software, only their website look and feel is different. The most embarrassing part is they are using same video as in OST.

In addition, the testimonials are fake. The images are stolen; I have already provided you proof above. The best software award image is also fake. Their website and video are completely littered with lies.

Therefore, my advice is not to trust Optical Signal System they are a bunch of crazy con-artist.


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