Penny Millionaire Review – Outright Scam

Penny Millionaire Review. It is an outright scam you, actually, this was also the first impression that I get when I first land on their page. But I want to dig a little bit deeper. And give you proof that why you shouldn’t believe a single word of the pitch video.

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First of all, the David Foster who is claiming to be the CEO of Penny Millionaire is nothing but an actor. He hasn’t made millions from the software, he is just a paid actor hired by scammers. His real name is Dan Kyle you can check this profile in the image below from


How Penny Millionaire Scam Works

The pitch video only tells you about how profitable the system is but doesn’t share how the program actually works. Now, this is a telltale sign if they are not disclosing their strategy they probably don’t have a good system. Throughout the scam video, they keep on talking about how the system compounds to make immense profits. This is very well known fact, but one isn’t able to compound if he doesn’t pick right rates correct on first time.

What about the People using Penny Millionaire?

There are lots of horror stories by real people about how the software ripped them off. They are the actual people how had first-hand experience with Penny Millionaire and posted their feedback on different forums. The rest are all made up feedback to lure you in.

Look the scammers understand the best method to entice people is by making testimonials and blending it with emotions. But the testimonials you see in the pitch video are all fake. Meaning they are by actors hired from Fiverr and not real users.

Just take her, for instance, she has been in other binary options testimonials as well.


Last Truth About Penny Millionaire.

Whatever they are saying in the sale video are blunt lies. Don’t believe a single word. David Foster isn’t even the guy he is claiming to be. He is just a paid actor, you have seen the proof of it. They haven’t divulged their underlying strategy which is another shady practice. The testimonials are by paid actors probably hired from Fiverr. There is no proof that the system does work. And finally, the forums are filled with negative review regarding their free software. Which isn’t free as well. Actually, you have to fund an account with their scam broker in order to get access to Penny Millionaire software. So this is yet another lie that the software is totally free.

So my Penny Millionaire Review is: it is an outright scam. Stay away and not get sucked in.

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