Pips Wizard Pro Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

You might have received lots of spam emails promoting Pips Wizard Pro. Moreover, there are couple of review websites which has posted a completely dishonest review of Pips Wizard Pro. The only reason biased reviews website is publishing fake review is to earn affiliate commission. Make sure you read the entire review to find out if PipsWizardPro is a real deal or yet another scam.

Official Website: http://www.pipswizardpro.net/



Pips Wizard Pro is a Meta Trader 4 indicators which use two different lines blue and orange. The orange line denotes sell signal whereas blue line denotes buy signal. So it is pretty easy to identify trades signals with this indicator. The indicator doesn’t place trades automatically but in fact, you have to place trades manually and set the stop loss as well as take profit level.

The website is also claiming that the indicator can easily generate at least 100 pips in profits every day. Furthermore, the indicator doesn’t only work on currency pairs, but also on stocks, and commodities. The indicator works on timeframe ranging from M15 (Minute 15) to D1 (Day 1). In addition, the website is also claiming that the indicator never repaints.


Proof of Scam

Karl Dittmann is claiming to be the mind the behind PipsWizardPro. However, you don’t see any picture of him. I have also searched him over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google and have found nothing. What I did find were lots of horror stories about how bad the signals were from the indicator. Whereas other feedbacks were bluntly claiming Karl as a con-artist.

The first most outrageous thing I found about the indicator is that it works on all Currency Pairs. Oh, and not just currency pairs, it also works on stocks, commodities, and other asset class as well. Now those who are familiar with trading, know that in order for the strategy to work well it should be optimized for a handful of assets. As each asset or currency pair has peculiar ranges, and movement, therefore the indicator should match it.

Secondly, there is no proof of any kind. If the system is as good as they are claiming, then the website should also feature testimonials from its happy users. Or at least Karl Dittmann can publish his own 3rd party verified trading statement.

The only proof that you will come across the website are some screenshots of the indicators. Now, these kind of results are very easy to fabricate. And I have seen this in many other scam forex systems.



I have seen similar indicators, whose results look appealing in trending marketing market condition. But such indicators completely fails in choppy or sideway price movement. Moreover, there is no aggregated result of Pips Wizard Pro. Only a few best case scenario pictures are insufficient to establish the profitability of the strategy. Hence, my advice is to stay away from the indicator. I know one-time payment of $87 might not seem a lot to you. But think about the countless number of hours you will waste on testing this scam indicator.

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