Profit Infinity Exposed – Scam Warning

I am getting lots of emails asking me about Profit Infinity System. I think it’s time I expose this Profit Infinity scam. There are tons of affiliates who are promoting this scam in order to earn a commission. In fact, they are the partner in crime. However, I will go into every detail of this system to provide you factual information. So let’s get started.


Profit Infinity Exposed

The App claims ZERO losses since 2014. I think this is a plain lie. There is no verified statement to back up this claim. I have heard similar claims over and over again. If it is actually a zero loss system, why they don’t publish verifiable evidence of it. By verifiable evidence, I don’t mean the fake testimonials. Testimonials that they record by hiring actors from Fiverr have no worth.

The presenter in the video claims that there is nothing to purchase. This is partially true. Actually, this is how the scam operates called low balling. They will tell you that their incredible software is for free. No buttons around to make a purchase. It is absolutely free. But once you provide your name and email they will take back the benefit they previously provided. Now you have to fund an account with their scammy broker in order to get access to the app.

The video presentation is like old “Get Rich Quick Scams” promising you Luxury cars, home and never to worry about next bill. The statement that is manifested time after time is simply fabricated. The money you withdraw from your broker doesn’t show the name of the app you are using. In fact, it shows the broker name or other gibberish. But never an app name that you are using.


Testimonials Exposed

Like I have said above the testimonials are fake. Let me give you one example of the testimonial show just in the starting of the video pitch.

The guy claiming to have made a killing just by using Profit Infinity is an actor from Fiverr. He is paid to record testimonials.


You can check his corresponding Fiverr profile in the image below.


Check the other testimonial in the video.




The claim made in Profit infinity are outrageous, without any evidence to back up these claims. For example, $3,874 per day without any losses since 2014.The software video is morphed and proof fabricated. The statement has a clear evidence that it is fake. Moreover, the testimonials are recorded over Fiverr by paid actors.

I can’t even believe they have a single person to vouch for them. That is because the software hasn’t made money for anyone. And they are only relying on cheap actors for their testimonial. All other review website and forum are piled up with negative feedbacks. Real people have posted their experience how they were scammed by Profit Infinity.

My advice is to stay away from them. They are dishonest and scammers. Don’t believe a single word from their pitch video. Only put your money with them if you want to burn it, and can’t think of any other way.

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