Profit Magnet Review – Typical Binary Options Scam

Profit Magnet is a typical binary options scam. With the hook, pitch video and signup form all similar to a typical get rich quick scheme. The hook is promising outrageous sums of money. And in this review, I will disclose exactly that. Does Profit Magnet can really turn $11 into $220 every hour?

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First of all, Profit Magnet is an automated binary options trading app. Just like all the other binary options scam the sales video promises massive sums of money just by signing up with them. But in actuality, they are promoting their binary options broker in the backend. So once you signup, you will be asked to open and fund an account with binary options broker. It is mandatory to open and fund an account with their scammy broker in order to use their worthless app.


Secondly, there is no customer support.  And it isn’t 100% safe. Their risk disclaimer clearly states in the fine print about the risk associated with the app. In addition, the website is claiming 97.56% winning trades. Whereas, there is no proof of it. There is not even a statement which could back up this claims and could be verified. Moreover, guaranteed daily profits is another lie. People who are familiar with trading and specifically with binary options know exactly there are no guarantees. And live I’ve already said they have mentioned it in their risk disclaimer.

Proof of Scam

There is no proof which could be verified by any third party. Hence, we will decipher whatever proof the scammer behind Profit Magnet has posted on their website. The video starts with actors’ image with the screenshot of their starting balance.


The risk disclaimer also discloses that the website uses actors. The bank statement in the pitch video are fake, I have seen similar statement hundred time. It is Childs’ play to edit them over Photoshop. The Facebook Window is clearly fake. The posts are fabricated whereas the user images are simply stolen from different website over the internet.


I have tried clicking on the user name and searched their profiles as well as an official page of ProfitMagnet but found nothing. So this clearly proves that the scammers are tricking you to believe that the app is really profitable.


Finally, Profit Magnet is a confirmed scam. There are lots of negative review about the app over different website. I have also provided proof that they are lying in their pitch video. Hence, I would suggest you throw Profit Magnet app out of the window. It’s worthless piece of crap, It simply doesn’t work.

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