Profit Maximizer Scam – Complete Honest Review

Profit Maximizer is yet another scam. You can tell this from miles away if you have been burned before by any binary options scam.


Profit Maximizer Scam Overview

What looks immediately scammy is, they are warning that there is only have 1 copy remaining. This is just an old scammer tactic. The scammer uses this gimmick to create a sense of urgency and scarcity. The main objective here is to deviate us from logical thinking into irrational and emotional thinking. Moreover, when the prospect see there is only 1 copy remaining he will hurry in order to grab what looks like a legit opportunity.

Another feature on the landing page which is a telltale sign of a scam is that they are using MacAfee and other logos to build subliminal credibility. However, nothing happens when you click on the logos. Furthermore, they are strategically placed below the sign-up form.

The claims are bold as well, about $1,174 dollar every day doing nothing but just using the app. Now, these claims have no proof to back them up. There is no proof, for example, a sort of statement which could be verified. Perhaps a statement verified by the third party. I have seen similar claims and forged statements time and time again.

Popup Shows Desperation

Now they are desperate to capture your email address and suck you into their scam. If you move your cursor outside of their web page they will immediately show you a popup.


Popups are not only annoying but also a telltale sign of scam. Check how they are further exaggerating their already false claims.

Video Proof

What about the People Claiming They Made Money with Profit Maximizer. That is how the scammers operate. The profit maximizer video testimonials are as fake as three-dollar bill. What these con-artists do is, they hire actors from Fiverr to say anything. And what the actors end up saying is fake testimonials.

Let me show you the proof. So he was in the main landing page video, claiming to have made tons of cash with Profit Maximizer.




Now in actual, he is just an actor hired from Fiverr.

Final Words

Profit Maximizer is a confirmed scam. There are hundreds of horror story posted regarding how Profit Maximizer app blew their account and lost it all. The testimonials are fake and recorded over Fiverr by actors.

As you probably already know by now that my advice is to completely avoid Profit Maximizer. It simply doesn’t work and that is guaranteed.

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