ProfitBall Scam – Fake Binary Sports App

ProfitBall Scam AKA Profit Ball looks completely different than any other binary options system. The reason is they are based on completely different strategy. The main idea behind ProfitBall trading system is picking up the stocks before it becomes popular with masses. What the ProfitBall is claiming it does is it pick up stocks that are underrated but with the highest on-base percentage (OBP). They research the stock by their seasonality and advertisement on different sports events and know precisely when the sales will start kicking in.


ProfitBall Overview

First of all, Profit Ball is a binary trading app it only uses a strategy similar to the one deployed by sports analyst. It has nothing to do with sports betting. ProfitBall is also promising $1000 profit daily to its members.


Now from their body language, one can tell from miles away that what they are doing is nothing but lying and are paid actors. I will provide the proof later. But I want to expose another lie. The Profitball claims that it monitor the advertisement on different sports event to get stock hints. But in their trading app what it actually trades is currencies and rarely trades high ticket tech stocks, brands which aren’t even advertised on sports events.

Fake Testimonials

I believe the only thing that reveals either the system is real or scam is testimonial. If other real person has success with Profit Ball and made money with it, then there is no doubt that it can’t do the same for you. But the thing is, it should be a real person. The testimonials on ProfitBall are all by Paid Actors. Let me give you proof of it.


Now the same guy was who is vouching for ProfitBall app and telling stories how it completely changed his life was the CEO of Bank Tracker Bot. Check the image of the same person in Bank Tracker Bot video presentation.


Look how these scams are interconnected. The guy in testimonial of one scam was the main character in another scam. Now if you are wondering than Bank Tracker Bot is also blacklisted.

Final Thought About ProfitBall Scam

ProfitBall is a confirmed scam. What they are telling you in the pitch video is nothing but a lie. The app isn’t free, you have to fund an account with their dishonest broker in order to access the app. In addition, the app is nothing like the one in the video. It is just a third party application. The App doesn’t even trade stocks.

Moreover, the testimonials are fake. You have already seen unquestionable proof above. This proves that the entire pitch video is lie. Finally, my advice is to not signup or fund an account with them. They are dishonest and their software will only burn your cash away.

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